2021 Reflections: Horoscopes

2021 Reflections: Horoscopes

Let's reflect on 2021 so far and all that it's brought to us.. 

ARIES:  This past year has been a time of setting your intentions and creating your new. You have been defining and redefining your plans, goals, and intentions, and have been owning your empowerment in life. 2021 has taught you about balancing logic with intuition, and you have found your sweet spot here. Through connecting with your inner world, communicating your wants and needs in life, you have grown in your spiritual enlightenment, Aries.
TAURUS:  2021 has been about self-acceptance. Love turned inwards, and you grew closer to your heart and soul. It's been a vulnerable time and some insecurities that were buried down arose to be looked at and healed this year. You took the time out for yourself and found your peace amidst any challenges or chaos. It's been a personally reflective year for you, Taurus, but you have found a sense of transparency that is allowing more light and self-love into your life now.
GEMINI: This was an interesting year for you, Gemini. There was fun, playfulness, and new opportunities in the air for you, and you got to spend more time connecting to what makes your heart happy. There was love and fortunate connections around you, and you sought out the things you are grateful for. Through the new connections and communications you've made this year, your world expanded- as did your perspective. 2021 has been a ride, Gemini.
CANCER:  2021 has been about health, mind, body, and soul. You've been connecting more to your senses, what your body needs, and what your intuition has been telling you. It's been a year of rejuvenation for you, and you've been healing, Cancer. Patience and time were necessary, and it was less about doing and more about being. You had to lay to some plans or goals to rest while other experiences bloomed, but you held onto your belief that everything is working out.
LEO:  The past year has been a time of focusing your intentions. You've been getting your ducks in a row, Leo, and planning for your future. There has been empowerment, sensuality, justice, creativity, and golden opportunities that have appeared for you in your life, and it's inspired the way you look at the future. You have been planting the seeds, setting your intentions, and laying the foundations in your life. This has been a year of opportunity and courage, Leo.
VIRGO:  This year has been about trusting the process, Virgo. You have grown in self-belief and understanding and stood by your side through life's different tides. 2021 was a year of focusing on your intentions and trusting that your manifestations are unfolding for you. You let go of the mess, confusion, and anything that was draining your light- and found a new perspective. This year has been about you, your voice, and about reclaiming your power, Virgo.
LIBRA:  2021 was about self-empowerment, Libra. It's been a year of confronting fears, overcoming them, and doing the things you may have never thought you'd be able to do. It's been about grounding yourself in the present moment, and claiming your abundance. You have been moving with power and speaking with this courage, and it's been allowing you to overcome previous roadblocks and pave a new path forward yourself. This year was a success, Libra.
SCORPIO:  The past year has been a time of emergence, Scorpio. New experiences and perspectives came about from this year, and you've been getting glimpses of the manifestations of your intentions. It's been about honoring your multidimensional self and allowing more of who you are to come to the surface. Its been a process to say the least- but you have kept focused on the intentions you are setting in your life right now. 2021, was about growth, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS:  2021 was about emotional healing. There were some losses, some gains, and overall time for your emotional wellbeing and renewal were necessary. You found support even in the direst circumstances and understood the process of taking time. Through the different cycles you have been through this year, you embraced the opportunity for growth. 2021 has been about arising from what was, and creating new circumstances for yourself, Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN:  This past year has been a time of celebration and owning your success. You let go of the heavy stuff and allowed grace and opportunities to fill your world. There was a lot to celebrate this year and a lot to be proud of. You rose to any challenge and came out on top of your world. 2021 was about embracing new beginnings, love, and environments. Life has come full circle, and the manifestations of your intentions have been blooming for you, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS:  2021 was about stepping into your power, Aquarius. You directed your focus towards that which holds value and importance for yourself, and you did what was necessary to reach your goals. It's been a time of accomplishment, but also a time of growth as you allowed the smoke to clear from life, and more clarity to come in. The past year has taught you just how powerful you are, and that anything you set your mind to can truly come true for you, Aquarius.
PISCES:  Prayers were answered this year, Pisces. 2021 was a time of growth, abundance, and miracles. You worked on believing more in yourself and your goals, and you have truly been seeing them through in life. New opportunities fell into your lap this year- at times even out of nowhere- and you truly got to tap into the divine potential of your life. You moved intentionally and put action behind your inspirations, and dreams have been coming true for you, Pisces.

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