A Safe Space by Tayler Barakat

Listen to the Virgo is a safe space created by Tayler Barakat for the collective. This is a space was created to empower, heal, guide, and awaken.

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  • "Tayler is an incredible talented astrologer and as someone who has an understanding of astrology and has had readings from different astrologers over the years, what Tayler offers is a unique, intuitive, thorough and creative living breathing document of what the universe is conspiring for my biggest brightest life. My reading was so timely and I felt really illuminating and validating." - Lisa W

  • "I was absolutely impressed with my birth chart reading from Tayler - her analyses and accuracy were truly spot on. I love how in-depth and personalized the reading was. I really felt like she took the time to dive deep into every major area of my chart and analyze it in ways I've never thought of. To say I was super pleased with everything is an understatement." - Asha L

  • "I cannot thank you enough for this reading. I love the care you've put into this reading and your kind, open-minded communication. I would be honored to get future readings from you. Thank you again, Tayler!!" - Sadie S.

  • "Wow, Tayler you're amazing. I've had several birth chart readings before, but none like this. I love the fact that you're so creative and detail oriented in your approach to my reading. Often times readers just go over the basics and that's it. I love how in depth you were to me in my birth chart reading. Grateful beyond words." - Jaleesa B