April 2024 Horoscopes

April 2024 Horoscopes

Message of the Month: 

April is about perspective, integrity, and change. The energy is shifting this month, and your outlook on it all is important right now. Envision your joy and success, and let go of the doubts that keep you away from your peace of mind.

Energy of the Month: 

APR. 1:
Mercury Retrograde in Aries

APR. 5
Venus enters Aries

APR. 8:
New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

APR. 19:
Taurus Season begins

APR. 21:
Juno Direct in Virgo

APR. 23:
Full Moon in Scorpio

APR. 25:
Mercury Direct in Aries

APR. 29:
Venus enters Taurus

APR. 30:
Mars enters Aries

Message of the Month:

ARIES: Happy Birthday, Aries! This month is a time of victory, but also a time of being patient with what is coming forth. Own the wins you are receiving, and keep your perspective on the good. You are the light you are seeking right now.

TAURUS: Love is coming together for you, and April is a month of partnership, Taurus. Keep your eyes open and your heart full, and remember to meet others in the middle. Life is unfolding, and you are being guided towards love.

GEMINI: April is all about perspective, and owning the power of your intuition, Gemini. You are seeing things more clearly this month, and are protecting your energy where needed. By choosing yourself, you choose love.

CANCER: Let life come full circle, and trust the outcomes you seek will come true for you, Cancer. April is a culmination month, and you are wrapping some projects and intentions up. Manifestations appear, and your dreams are fulfilled.

LEO: Justice is being served, and you are receiving the good you have put out into the world, Leo. This is a month of being in balance, of embarking on a new journey, and of trusting the process. Do what feels right for you internally.

VIRGO: Let magic and abundance in, and let doubt and old perspectives go, Virgo. You are in a space of rebirth, and are owning your power this month. April is about creating your life and rebuilding from the ground up. You are free.

LIBRA: April is all about working together with others, fulfilling your dreams in partnership, and creating something beautiful, Libra. You are in the midst of a new beginning, and the support you are receiving from others is helping you.

SCORPIO: Success is coming forth for you in April, and you are shining from the inside-out, Scorpio. This month is about owning your life and showing up exactly how you want to. You are supported every step of the way, move forward.

SAGITTARIUS: Things are turning around for you for the better this month, Sag, and you are feeling more on top of things right now. Let what’s meant to be come in, and let go of what is not. You are in a place of receptivity and grace.

CAPRICORN: This month you are being reminded to be patient just as much as you are taking action, Capricorn. Trust the guidance you are receiving right now, and let go of what hasn’t been working for you. You are safe and protected.

AQUARIUS: Perspectives are shifting, and it’s time to trust your gut instincts, Aquarius. April is a month of inner joy, but this may come after a shake-up in your life. Trust divine intervention, and move with the winds of change.

PISCES: April has a lot of potential for abundance, Pisces, but how you are managing your time and energy will be a key factor in this. Remember you can’t always be everything to everyone, and to give back to yourself a little more.

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