April 2024 Horoscopes

April 2024 Horoscopes

Energy of the Month:

May is a month of love, growth, and overcoming from the past. Your peace should be the priority this month, as you allow your heart to experience a new beginning. Give yourself and others compassion, and live in your truth.

Message of the Month: 

ARIES: Patience is key this month, Aries. May at times will feel a little bit like a pause for you, and that’s because you need more time to set your intentions and grow, before you a ready to begin again. Take your time this month, Aries.
TAURUS: Happy Birthday, beloved, Taurus, it’s time to shine! May is all about giving yourself love, allowing love in, and nurturing your life. Patience is a virtue this month, as you manifest from the heart and feel satisfied with life.
GEMINI: Financial abundance is what you are moving into this month, Gemini. May is a time of freedom and feeling more confident on the path you are walking on right now. Know that you are worthy of the abundance you seek.

CANCER: May is all about trusting your instincts, Cancer. You have a strong intuition for a reason, and it’s time to tap into it more this month. Be near people you feel good around, and let go of those you don’t. Protect your energy.

LEO: This month is about seeking more gratitude and paying attention to your perspectives right now, Leo. Focus on the things you want, and don’t let self-doubt win. Things can turn around for you at any moment, Leo.

VIRGO: May is a month of rebirth, healing, and moving forward, Virgo. You are letting go of what hasn’t been working in your life, and this is a personally transformative month for you. You are choosing yourself, and your peace.

LIBRA: You are feeling good this month, Libra. There are a lot of opportunities coming in for you this month, and you are feeling accomplished with the work you are doing right now. You are opening up to abundance in May.
SCORPIO: You are seen, you are supported, and you are cherished, Scorpio. May is a month of personal growth as you claim your abundance and shine in your gifts and talents. You are moving through a month of success now.
SAGITTARIUS: Protect your energy and don’t give up on the things you are working towards right now, Sag. This is a month of perseverance and about not losing faith. You have the right resources and vision to succeed. Know yourself.
CAPRICORN: This is an inspiring month for you as you step forth on a new beginning in your life, Capricorn. You are feeling passionate, creative, and are ready to take action on your intentions. Your mind is a gift, honor it this month.
AQUARIUS: You are feeling empowered in May and are manifesting your dreams, Aquarius. Where you once felt a sense of doubt, you are now in a space of freedom and possibility, and you are going after what you want.
PISCES: Love is what May is all about for you, Pisces. You are feeling the connection and emotional receptivity in your life, and your cup is full. This month is about moving forward in love, and knowing you deserve to feel happy in life.

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