August 2022 Message

August 2022 Message


ARIES August is a month of emotional, physical, and spiritual renewal for you, Aries. This is the month to honor your safe spaces, your intuition, and to protect your energy. Remember that sometimes it's not always apparent the growth that has taken place when you are looking externally for the proof. Honor the growth within, and then see what transpires in your reality.
TAURUS:  Think outside of the box this month, Taurus. August is about perspective, and about looking at things from a broader point of view. The more you can allow yourself to stress less about the details and about the nitty-gritty, the more the gifts of the present moment can become clear to you. There are new opportunities coming into your life right now, get creative with them.
GEMINI:  This is a month of synergy for you, Gemini. You are aligned with your higher self, your peace is the priority, and there is a sense of feeling fulfilled with your well-being right now. Continue on this journey of reflection, spirituality, and good health, and you will continue to meet the success you are praying for. August is about feeling grateful with where you are.
CANCER:  Your voice is your gift right now, Cancer. You hold the key to the treasures of your life, and past intentions that you have been working on are manifesting for you in August. Communicate from the heart, don't overcomplicate things, and really take a look at the power you hold in life. This month is about living free, being you, and enjoying the sparks that are flying.
LEO: Happy Birthday beautiful Leo! You are walking new paths this month, moving away from what was, and creating what you want to be. This is a month of positive change for you. You are moving away from any stagnation you have been feeling, and entering a time of victory. Honor the ground you walk on, treasure yourself, and open up to receive a blessing.
VIRGO:  This is a sweet month for you, Virgo. You deserve the compassion, nurture, and abundance that is here for you right now. August is a time of feeling the beauty and value in your life, and about allowing yourself to experience something new. Virgo Season begins at the end of the month and it's your time to shine, Virgo. Embrace the good energy.
LIBRA:  This month is all about freedom for you, Libra. It's about releasing any excess, feeling the truth of your being, and allowing new experiences to take place in your life. There is a sense of starting from square one this month and you are creating fresh starts in your life. Remember that you are a unique, beautiful being, and you deserve to shine.
SCORPIO:  August is a month of growth and recovery, Scorpio. You are seeing what foundations have been faulty, and what foundations support your growth. Remember your strength this month, and giving yourself time to build your life as you see fit. Plans change, but they lead you to opportunities you wouldn't have thought of had they not happened. Focus on rebuilding this month.
SAGITTARIUS:  This month is about being there for yourself, and allowing others to be there for you as well, Sagittarius. You are being reminded this month to honor who you are, and to make it a point to align with your values and your self-love. You are worthy today, Sagittarius, and sometimes it's about just recognizing that instead of waiting till someone else does. Do you, boo.
CAPRICORN:  This is a month of transition for you, Capricorn. Experiences are unfolding that are bringing things full circle and you are seeing how past actions and intentions have lead you to the point you are at this month. Focus on learning the lessons, honoring your voice, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Anything is possible for you, believe in your growth.
AQUARIUS:  August is a time of change for you, Aquarius. Transformations are occurring, and your world looks a little different than it did just a month ago. Flow with change with the perspective that it's leading you to something greater, and don't doubt the blessings that can come from this. Protect your energy, create boundaries where needed, and allow life to unfold.
PISCES:  This month is bringing in a clearing into your life, Pisces. Where you have been feeling blocked and a little lost, there is a path opening for you now and you are clearing obstacles from your life. Look for the beauty in all situations and try not to get caught up in any dramas or negativity right now. Your heart and your intuition are aligned, and it's time to receive some guidance.

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