August 2023 Horoscopes

August 2023 Horoscopes

Message of the Month: 

ARIESYou have a lot of energy with you this month, Aries. Things are moving forward and you are happy with the pace it is moving. Remember that you are a natural leader, and this is the position you are meant to be in. Don't entertain those that try to take your power.
TAURUS: There is a lot to process this month as you face a new path that wasn't expected, Taurus. There has been loss, there has been clarity, and you will recover from this. August is a month of healing, breaking free, and beginning again. Taking care of you is priority.
GEMINI: This month is about allowing yourself to be seen, loved, and supported, Gemini. You are showing up for your dreams, and experiencing more recognition for your successes and your progress. There is something exciting about the energy of August for you, and you are free.

CANCER: August is a transformative month for you, Cancer.
Your life has been changing in many ways this year, and August is when a lot of it is coming to a head. The best way to approach this month is to accept change, and to focus on what you want.

LEO: Happy Birthday, beautiful Leo! You are feeling balanced this month as there is good energy flowing within and around you in life. You are focused more on your financial world and allowing abundance into your life right now, and support is coming in here.

VIRGO: The inner clarity you have found, has led you to a new sense of confidence and wisdom, Virgo. You are focused on your priorities this month, communicating with precision, and letting nothing get in the way of your happiness or truths. Your intentions are growing.

LIBRA: This is a heart-filled month for you, as your emotions are more heightened right now, Libra. You are opening your heart to the possibilities that surround, and there is a lot of good energy coming into your life this month. Go with the flow, and take your time in love.
SCORPIO: This is an empowering month of success for you, Scorpio. Life is coming full circle, and you are finding yourself in a better position than you have been. This is a month of feeling like you have everything you need in your life, and like you are capable of all good things.
SAGITTARIUS: You are focused on what aligns with your higher self this month, Sagittarius. You are breaking free from limitations, and feeling clear-headed in August. This is a month of communication, self-expression, and honoring your time and energy. Use your voice.
CAPRICORN: August is a coming together, and a time when you can take a deep breath of relief, Capricorn. Life is coming full circle, and there is freedom and happiness in your world. This month is allowing you to see the full picture, and see your beauty and growth in the process.
AQUARIUS: August is about seeing the truth of a situation, Aquarius. A few different paths are opening before you, and you are being tested to own your voice. By making the decisions that resonate with your soul, you can never be off path. Trust yourself, and don't fear mistakes.
PISCES: This is a month of fulfillment for you, Pisces. You are moving through a time of abundance and stability, and a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. August is about enjoying your life and your personal growth, spending time with loved ones, and treating yourself.

Energy of the Month: 

August is a month of balance, happiness, and inner-clarity. With two Supermoons happening this month, big impact is being made, and it's about being in the right space to feel the abundance and growth of this energy. Give and receive freely, and be you.


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