December 2023 Horoscopes

December 2023 Horoscopes

Energy of the Month: 

December is a month of awakening to some new truths, defining your boundaries, and seeking peace. This month is a shake-up as a lot is happening and a lot is being let go of before the new year begins. You deserve to be heard, you deserve to feel free.

Message of the Month: 

ARIESYou are ending the year in a more emotional and reflective tone. December is the month to go within and receive your soul's guidance. The answers will come, and you are loved while you bloom. Take your time, honor what has been, and prepare for the new.
TAURUS: It’s out with the old, and in with the new this month, Taurus. December is the month to shed your doubts of the past, and to not be afraid to take a risk on something that means a lot to you. You are moving through a month of change, rebirth, and courage.
GEMINI: You are learning a lot this month, Gemini. December is an opportunity for a fresh perspective, and your guidance for the month is to look around you at what brings you joy and find gratitude in it. You are in tune with your inner peace, and feeling at ease.

CANCER: December is about connecting to your higher self, Cancer. This is an empowering month for you and you are living from the heart, full of possibility and hope. Pay attention to what’s calling to you right now, and envision your future. You are safe.

LEO: You are turning the challenges of the past into a beautiful part of your story, Leo. December is about owning your power, defining your boundaries, and creating a path forward. You are no longer settling for what-ifs or self-doubts, and you are free.

VIRGO: Your intuition is especially strong this month- trust it, Virgo. December is a month of inspiration for you, and you are aligning with your divine purpose. Your dreams are yours for a reason, honor your skills and vision. This is just the beginning for you, Virgo.

LIBRA: December is a month of patience, power, and manifestation, Libra. You are finding your balance through it all while remaining in your grace and your truth, and you are almost there. Believe you are worthy of all the things you want to see.
SCORPIO: Own what makes you different, Scorpio. What makes you unique, makes you beautiful, and blessings are flowing into your life this month. December is about owning your energy and who you are and going

with the flow more. You deserve to just be you.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday, beloved Sag! This month is all about connection, soulmates, and community. Get together with those who inspire you, and dream up a world together. Trust the divine timing of what is happening for you now, and learn from those around you.
CAPRICORN: December is a month of transformation, and trust. Things are changing this month, but a part of you has been prepared for this. Trust that what’s behind you now is meant to be, and what is in front of you is more than you can dream. Find your peace, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS: December is about letting go and finding renewal, Aquarius. You have lived many lives this year, and there is just one that you want to settle into now. Allow the past to be just that, and focus on the truth of the present. Find your ground, you are in bloom.
PISCES: Things are getting deep for you this month, Pisces. The experiences you have been through are making a little more sense to you now, and you are ready to turn a new page in your life. You are finding your balance in what is, and seeing things clearly in December.


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