July 2024 Horoscopes

July 2024 Horoscopes

Energy of the Month:

July is a month of being present, protecting your peace, and remaining in your power. This month is about getting into alignment with what feels right for you, your purpose, and your dreams, and putting your healing first. You deserve to feel good about your life and what you have created for yourself. Let go of the past, and live in the truth of your heart.

Message of the Month: 

ARIES: This month is about connection, community, and reciprocation, Aries. You are opening your heart and allowing others to see and love you. The more love you give, the more you have to receive. Connect this month.
TAURUS: July is a month of self-reflection, clarity, and getting back to yourself, Taurus. You are doing all the things that bring you joy and give you peace of mind, and are honoring the journey you have

been on to get here.

GEMINI: This month is about not underestimating the power of a new beginning, Gemini. You are no longer doubting your power or ability to move forward, and are feeling a little freer because of it. Trust your magic and purpose.
CANCER: Happy Birthday beloved, Cancer! This month for you, is about coming home to yourself. You are letting go of what’s been, and remembering the beauty and truth of who you are. Clarity is

blooming for you.

LEO: Listen to your heart this month, Leo. There are transformations you are moving through now, and they can feel challenging if you are not trusting the process. You will overcome any difficulty, just like you always have.

VIRGO: July is about surrendering to the unknown, and trusting that you are more powerful than your fears, Virgo. Look at yourself and your journey in a higher light, and know that things are getting better for you from here, angel.

LIBRA: You are focused on your mental health and happiness in July, Libra. You have been through a lot recently, and you need more time for yourself. Protect your peace, and take care of yourself like you deserve.

SCORPIO:  July is about gaining new guidance, Scorpio. You are going within, understanding yourself better, and living with inspiration. Your direction in life is changing, and you are aligning with your dreams.

SAGITTARIUS: Trust the divine timing of your life this month, Sag. You are finding the balance between the changes you are moving through right now, and it’s about getting into alignment. Your intentions will manifest, trust.

CAPRICORN: July is a month of liberation, Capricorn. You are learning from the past and breaking ground on new life, and some changes are happening for you in July that are much needed. You are focused on your inner truth.

AQUARIUS: If you knew that everything you were worried about right now would turn out better than you could’ve imagined, how would you live and act presently? Give yourself the freedom to enjoy your life in the process.

PISCES: You are growing Pisces, be gentle with yourself. July is a time to gain a new perspective, allow your intentions to bloom, and remain patient. Focus on your healing rather than old insecurities. It’s a process, beautiful.



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