March 2024 Horoscopes

March 2024 Horoscopes

Energy of the Month: 

March is about protecting your energy, finding your truth, and having faith in love. This month is ushering in Eclipse Season, and we are moving through a time of change. Trust the divine timing, and learn something new.

Message of the Month: 

ARIES Align with your inner knowing and wisdom this month, Aries. Don’t let anyone take away your power, and remember to turn your challenges into lessons learned. Divine guidance is coming in, and you are showing up.
TAURUS:  March is a peaceful month for you, Taurus. You are healing, you are loving, and you are thriving in the midst of the changes you are moving through. The love you have given, is coming back to you, and you are connected.
GEMINI: Take deep breaths, Gemini. March is a month of finding your balance, taking the time out for the little things that make you happy, and feeling appreciated for what you are putting forth. You deserve to feel good.

CANCER: This month is about taking a deep dive into the heart, and asking yourself what you need right now, Cancer. Nourish yourself by filling up your own cup before you do anyone else’s. It’s all starting to make sense for you.

LEO: Own your strength, and let it move you forward this month, Leo. March is a time of growth, recognition, and empowerment as you overcome the mountains you have climbed. Be free, & remember your heart.

VIRGO: March is about going with the flow of your life, and finding your power in change, Virgo. Be assertive, own what you know, and let go of anyone doubting you. You are worthy no matter who can see that. Create your dreams.

LIBRA:  You are rising above what you have been looking to transform, and you are turning your pain into your power, Libra. With an Eclipse in your sign in March, you are a power player this month, and you are inspiring others.
SCORPIO: This month is a weight off your shoulders, and you are feeling more free than you have in a while, Scorpio. Instead of carrying pain or fear with you, you are letting it go and trusting your process.
Have faith in you.
SAGITTARIUS:  March is an opening of the heart, Sagittarius. You are connecting deeper to your emotional world, and are giving and receiving love. Recognize the beauty that is standing in front of the mirror, and find gratitude in the gifts of your life.
CAPRICORN:  March is feeling karmic, Capricorn, and you are truly making sense of things right now. Divine intervention turns into divine clarity and you are finding your peace within the truth. Let things come, let things go. You are safe.
AQUARIUS: The clarity within you is beaming and your power is within your mind, Aquarius. Your guidance for March is to own discernment, and think things through before changing everything. You are protected.
PISCES:  Happy Birthday, beloved Pisces! March is an emotional month for you as you learn more about yourself, your past, and your future. Look for the gifts in the present moment, and create your dreams from there.

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