Weekly Horoscope: Mar. 21 - Mar. 27

Weekly Horoscope: Mar. 21 - Mar. 27

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This week is all about letting things flow towards you, Aries. Aries Season is officially underway and you are learning the power of releasing your grasp a bit and seeing what magic unfolds through letting go and allowing. Life is blooming around you this week, give yourself time to process it all, Aries.
TAURUS:  Emotional renewal is in store for you this week, Taurus, and you gain a new perspective in love. Relationship dynamics are switching up for you right now, and you are getting the opportunity to reflect on what inner currents have been influencing this change in your life. You deserve grace, Taurus.
GEMINI: Your self-expression is highlighted this week, and you are communicating from the heart, Gemini. This is a week of inspiring new beginnings in love, and some breakthrough moments that keep you excited for what's in store for you here. Have fun with things this week, and speak of love, Gemini.
CANCER: You are shining in your truths this week, Cancer. This is a heart-centered week for you, and your emotions are flowing in harmony with your mind. The perspective is clear right now, and your ship is coming in, Cancer. Let the past be just that, and move forward towards your new day. You are so loved.
LEO: The sparks are flying for you this week, Leo. This is a week of success, passion, and personal breakthroughs. You are getting recognition and support for some important accomplishments and are also feeling inspired about what's next for you right now. Ground yourself in your empowerment, and lead the way.
VIRGO: There is something to celebrate this week, Virgo, and that's you, the love that is in your life right now, and the power of your voice. You have set the intentions, risen above the chaos, and are moving into clearer waters right now. This week is your time to connect, be, and love. You have limitless possibilities, Virgo.
LIBRA:  Focus on the facts this week, Libra. There has been some smoke and mirrors in your life recently and this week is all about seeing the truth of any facades, and new paths opening up for you in the process. Trust your intuitive instincts and inner guide to move you forward, and align with your higher self.
SCORPIO: This week is all about change and about fortune turning in your favor. Things are switching up for you this week, Scorpio, and it's time to let go of any power dynamics that feed the ego rather than the soul. You are ready for a change of pace, have done the work, and are being blessed with gifts of renewal.
SAGITTARIUS:  This is a beautiful week of balance, faith, and unfoldment for you, Sagittarius. You have found a good place in life to roam and are feeling connected and inspired by what's coming to fruition for you right now. You are balancing the past, present, and future, and finding the beauty in how it's all come together.
CAPRICORN: This week is about standing in your empowerment. Don't give up now, Capricorn, you are only just getting started. The new beginnings and new scenery you have been intending for in life are coming through, but the universe is making sure you are as committed to this process as you need to be. Take your time.
AQUARIUS: One idea can lead to the blessings of many other opportunities, and you are aligning with that truth this week, Aquarius. Intentions are showing fruition, and you are seeing some things come together financially for you this week. Honor your self-expression, and remember how valuable the work you do is.
PISCES:  This is a week of victory for you, Pisces. Your personal evolution is highlighted right now, and your growth is commendable. This is a week to shine and to live in your self-confidence in life. You are being supported as the people around you help lift you, and you deserve this time in your life to feel the magic, Pisces.

Energy of the Week: 

This week is ushering in new energy, new paths opening, and new inspirations. This is the week to make sure you are finding the balance between working life and personal, and acknowledging the growth you have made in both. The heart is awakened in Aries Season, and what's been flowing within is coming to the surface right now. Emotions are heightened and impulsivity should be watched out for while Mercury moves through direct Aries. This is the week to be, express, and allow yourself to be moved with inspiration.


March 25: Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn

March 27: Mercury enters Aries

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