October 2023 Horoscopes

October 2023 Horoscopes

Message of the Month: 

ARIES: October is an eye-opening month for you, Aries. You are getting the revelations you’ve been looking for, but they may be coming in a different package than expected. Trust your instincts, let go of resentments, and free yourself from the past.
TAURUS: Transformations are occurring, and new doors are opening because of it, Taurus. This is a life-changing month for you, and a time when you are finding your ground through the chaos. Know that what’s meant to be, will be, and to let things fall into place.
GEMINI: October is a month of opportunity for you, Gemini. You are seeing new beginnings in your financial world, and this month is really a starting point to fulfilling some lifelong goals of yours. Plant the seeds, nourish them, and take action this month.

CANCER: October is an energy-packed month for you, Cancer.
The passion is there, the excitement is there, and previous obstacles are no longer in the way. This is the month to follow your happiness, live in your truth, and get creative with where life can take you.

LEO: October is about standing your ground, and finding the strength in your heart, Leo. Know that it doesn’t matter how any one else see’s you, and what matters is how you are seeing and treating yourself. Focus on where your strengths are, and grow in love here first.

VIRGO: Your heart is opening to miracles, and you are receiving them this month, Virgo. This is an emotionally fulfilling time for you as you have made space for more love and abundance to enter. You are creating beauty in your world and what resonates is coming in.

LIBRA:  Happy Birthday beautiful, Libra! Abundance is in your world this month, and this is a successful time for you. Everything you touch turns to gold right now, and you are seeing the fruition of your dedication and efforts. One blessing leads to many others, trust it.
SCORPIO: October is a month of letting go, Scorpio. You are gaining a new perspective this month, and it’s one that is helping you see your own power clearer. Don’t hide your love or use it as a weapon, communicate freely, knowing you are worthy of the good.
SAGITTARIUS: October is a time to regroup, Sag. This month can be overwhelming if you are not taking the time to relax, let go, and be in your peace. Don’t try to take on more than you feel ready to, and trust what your intuition is telling you. Life is coming full circle, things are healing.
CAPRICORN: October is about overcoming some of the things that have been taking you away from your center, Capricorn. This is the month to look over where your values and priorities are, and to align with more of that. Don’t cater to others needs before listening to your own.
AQUARIUS: This month is all about communication, new beginnings, and ‘ah ha’ moments, Aquarius. You are turning a new page in life, and are taking small steps towards big goals. Leave room for open communication with others, and express your ideas.
PISCES: This month is a rebirth month for you, Pisces. You are closing the door on what hasn’t been working out for you, and are finding new ways to live and pursue your dreams. How you see yourself matters and it’s time to look in the mirror with kinder eyes. Breathe, renew.

Energy of the Month: 

October is about finding balance, and living in your truth. Harmony is flowing through the world, but it’s up to you to tap into it and be in that perspective. Things have changed, new beginnings are near, create beauty in the journey you have found yourself on.


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