September 2022 Message

September 2022 Message


ARIES:  Aries, September is a month of passion, inspiration, and courage of the heart. Significant opportunities are happening in your emotional world, and you are feeling the delights of connection and love this month. Remember to take deep breaths in and deep breaths out this month and to enjoy the moment, however get excited with what you are moving into.
TAURUS:  Tap into love this month, Taurus. Your emotional world is being highlighted in September, and you are making sense of where your heart is now. Don't overthink things, flow with change, and trust in a miracle. This is the month to give and receive love confidently. Remember the important things in life and what truly matters, and to let go of what does not.
GEMINI:  September is a month of recognition, success, and taking accountability. This is a month to focus on where you are headed an the vibes you are putting out there. Trust in your unique gifts and talents and go from there when fulfilling your goals. You are that much closer to an important achievement in your life, and you have support around you.
CANCER:  This month is bringing into your life new beginnings and opportunities in your financial world. You are on fire with the good ideas this month, and one spark is leading to many other doors opening for you. Repeat over to yourself this month that you are a magnet to success, and focus on being in balance with the flow of your life, Cancer. You are seeing things through right now.
LEO:  The tables are turning this month, and your spirit is singing a new tune, Leo. September is a month of change for you, but it's also a month of feeling on top of it all, and like this change is moving things around for the better. Pay attention to the signs and the inner guidance you are receiving right now, as your heart begins to connect the dots. Let go to move forward.
VIRGO:  Happy Birthday, beloved Virgo! September is here, and you are walking on new paths. This month is about letting go a little more, and valuing your time and energy. You are getting more time to yourself and your daily rituals, and gaining clarity and enlightenment after a time of being on the go a lot. This month is about catching your breath and living in love, Virgo.
LIBRA:  September is a month of truth, Libra. You are being cracked open to see something more clearly in your life, and it's changing the direction of your goals and where you are headed. This month is all about rising above past confusions and allowing yourself to move to new heights. The past is the past, and the future is what you create it to be. Remember your power.
SCORPIO:  This month is all about putting your ideas and gifts into motion, and creating something beautiful. You are spending more time around others, and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses in the process. September is a time to connect, get things done, and to allow yourself to take up space. Move into every room knowing you deserve to be there, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS:  Exciting opportunities are moving into your life this month, Sagittarius. September is a time of following your heart and letting love lead the way. The more you can be a little more vulnerable and open to the possibilities in life, the more magic you can feel. This is the month to have faith, and believe in what you can experience in your life. Love is flowing towards you.
CAPRICORN:  You are moving on this month, Capricorn. September is a time of taking one step forward each day, and trusting the pace you are in right now. The clarity you have found within is changing things for you, and you are protecting your energy this month. Don't forget about the mountains you have climbed to get here, and start preparing for a new chapter.
AQUARIUS:  Balance is coming into your life this month, Aquarius. September is a time of seeing some of the intentions your heart has been making, come to fruition. You know your value and worth in life, and have been standing by it more this year, and this energy has been creating positive circumstances for yourself. September is another one of those good feeling months.
PISCES:  September is a month of communication, as the messages become clearer to you, Pisces. Your guidance for the month is to speak your mind, and believe in your ideas and where your inspiration can take you. New perspectives are coming into your life, and it's all about where you take them from here. Your free-spirit is inspired to express itself more this month.

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