September 2023 Horoscopes

September 2023 Horoscopes

Message of the Month: 

ARIES In September you are seeing some happy outcomes in your life, Aries. This is the month to lean on someone and nourish the support in your life right now. Your inner child is healing, bliss is appearing, and you have everything your heart needs. Continue to seek fulfillment.
TAURUS: Protect that which you are creating right now, Taurus. September is about remaining patient with what is blooming for you, and standing your ground on your priorities right now. Seek peace, acceptance, and inner-clarity, and focus on yourself right now.
GEMINI:  September is a transformative month for you, Gemini. Don’t be discouraged with what is changing for you right now, and know that it’s creating greater stability in your life, rather than a false sense of happiness. What’s ending, is beginning, and you are free.

CANCER: September is about turning a new page, Cancer. You are overcoming some fears and belief systems that have been weighing you down, and are being given an opportunity for a new perspective. Let go of what cannot be changed, and focus on the present.

LEO: September is a new beginning for you emotionally, Leo. Your heart is expanding to new heights, and you are showing love and receiving it. Communicate, grow, and have fun with life. Know that love can be simple, and still be worthy, Leo.

VIRGO: Happy Birthday, Beautiful Virgo! September is bringing in balance, abundance, and divine clarity. Good energy is coming in, and you are exuding this type of harmony as well. You have climbed a tall mountain, and are now enjoying the view from top. Lead with love.

LIBRA: Everything is coming together exactly as you hoped it would, Libra. You are experiencing a rejuvenation and full-circle moment in your life this month that is facilitating more gratitude and happiness. September is a month of success for you.
SCORPIO:  Use your words wisely, and honor the gifts of your mind, Scorpio. This month is about choosing happiness, and choosing to enjoy what is unfolding for you right now. New perspectives are coming in, and there is also more time for fun, celebration, and love.
SAGITTARIUS:  You are seen, Sagittarius. September is a month of recognizing that, and also about putting yourself, your talents, and your light out there more. The universe is supporting what you are taking off with right now, remember to have balance through this journey.
CAPRICORN:  You are aligning with your self-empowerment and your power as a creator in this life, Capricorn. This is a month of manifestation for you, and you are feeling capable. You are working with what is presenting itself rather than against it, and are in harmony with your desires.
AQUARIUS:  The scales are balancing, but the weight may be shifted differently than expected. This month is allowing you a fresh start and a new beginning, but you may not feel ready for this take off. Give yourself as much time as you need, just know that this is a good thing, Aquarius.
PISCES:  September is all about the vision, Pisces. Your creativity, inspiration, and passion for life right now is creating a new opening, and giving you a chance to see things with a brighter view. You are admired for who you are and what you are about, and it’s time to live your dreams.

Energy of the Month: 

September is about creating space, setting intentions, and doing the work. This is an eye-opening month, and a time when the efforts you put in, are seeing positive growth and manifestation. Focus on what you are bringing to fruition in your life right now.


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