Weekly Horoscope: Apr. 11 - Apr. 17

Weekly Horoscope: Apr. 11 - Apr. 17

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  You are creating the vision this week, Aries. Your guidance at this time is to listen to your intuition and what you have been feeling. You have the right idea about where you are heading right now, and are thinking a lot about the future this week. Set your intentions, and allow them to come to you through grace.
TAURUS:  Friendship, playfulness, and fun are what this week is all about for you, Taurus. This week is a good time to focus on what unity and connection mean to you. Do you feel like you have your people in your life or could you do more to open yourself up, go new places, and experience new adventures? Life is inspiring.
GEMINI:  You are overcoming previous difficulties, and claiming your space this week, Gemini. This week is about taking the high road and not letting go to a level that doesn't positively serve you. Rise above the chaos of the past and stand in your empowerment this week, Gemini. You are tying up loose ends.
CANCER:  This week is about heart connections, and tapping into the direction your heart is going right now, which is within. There is a deep power in self-love, and this energy transcends all limitations. Write a list of everything you love about yourself and read it every day this week, Cancer. Show up for your heart.
LEO: There is a need to put some conflicts and previous confusions to rest this week, Leo. Look at things from all points of view to allow yourself to come to a complete and full-circle conclusion. You are strong, you a protected, and you are guided, and when you can trust this you can let some defenses down and just be. 
VIRGO:  Life is coming full circle, and the manifestations of your intentions are coming to fruition, Virgo. This is a week of claiming your blessings and enjoying the beauty of where life is heading. You are communicating from the heart, and there are opportunities and light that are present and coming in for you.
LIBRA:  The spotlight is on you this week, Libra, with a Full Pink Moon occurring in your sign on the 16th. Positive culminations are flowing through your life this week and there is an abundance to grab ahold of. There is a sense of feeling like you have everything you need right by your side right now, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Open your heart to the healing and magic of life, Scorpio. This week is all about believing where your heart is shining a light on, and to allow deeper connections and intimacy into your life. You don't have to do this alone, Scorpio. Work on expanding your heart chakra this week and see what blessings unfold.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about the giving and receiving in your life, Sag. It's a good week to look at where you have been feeling balanced and in-tune in life, and where you could use some extra reworking and balancing of the scales. When you honor what your heart needs, you honor your truth and yourself.
CAPRICORN:  Support is coming in for you this week, Capricorn. This week is reminding you that your angels and guides are always with you and that the universe truly does always have your back. Your intuition is your gift, and you can use your divine knowledge and insights to guide your life with faith and confidence.
AQUARIUS:  Life is unfolding to new scenes, new energy, and all-around better vibes for you this week, Aquarius. Love is in the air for you, and it's the kind of love that makes you want to believe and connect, rather than feel pressure. This week is all about allowing, and believing in how beautiful life can be for you.
PISCES:  This week is a time of processing, and seeing the truth of a situation, Pisces. Seeing things from an open perspective is necessary this week to avoid any possible misunderstandings or confusion. If you aren't happy with what has been manifesting for you, take a look at the thoughts you think most.

Energy of the Week:

This is a week of achievement, release, and gaining a new perspective. One of the most magical and important days for manifesting appears this week on April 12 when Jupiter and Neptune come together and form a Conjunction in the sign of Pisces. This week is about believing in miracles, and claiming your power in manifesting them for yourself. With a Full Pink Moon in Libra on the 16th before the week ends, love is also having its say this week and relationship growth is occurring. This week is about tapping into the dream and allowing it to unfold in your reality. Look forward instead of backwards this week, and allow.

April 11: Saturn Square True Node

April 12: Jupiter Conjunct Neptune 

April 14: Mars enters Pisces

April 16: Full Moon in Libra


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