Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 13 - Dec. 19

Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 13 - Dec. 19

ARIES: This week is about turning challenges into triumphs, Aries. Look at things from a different perspective right now and see a future where you greet success, rather than anything else. What's lost, needed to part ways, and what is to gain now is so much better than you know. There is deep fulfillment and wishes coming true for you this week, and it's time to let any fears or doubts go, Aries.
TAURUS: This is a week of spiritual growth and emotional rejuvenation, Taurus. Take your time with things this week, and honor patience right now. Some things are changing and moving around in your world, but you are moving towards more synergy and emotional resonance. Your inner guidance system has been showing you what's working and what isn't, and it's time to check in with your heart.
GEMINI: You are making things happen this week, Gemini. You are known for your visionary spirit, and you are bringing more of these ideas and gifts forth right now. With the last Full Moon of 2021 in your sign at the end of the week, life is coming full circle and you are shining through. Honor the inspiration that is coming forth right now, and express your unique ideas and vision.
CANCER: Success is yours right now, Cancer. This is an inspiring and expansive week for you and you are reaching some important victories right now. If there was ever a time to believe in yourself and your goals- now is it. Reach for the stars beautiful, anything is possible for you. Focus on what you want to bring to fruition and continue to nurture your dreams with intentional thoughts and action.
LEO: This week is about love and embracing the gifts of your emotional world, Leo. Your heart is gaining some clarity this week, and it's about finding the balance through the different twists and turns of life. Devote yourself to love and harmony, and ride the waves of your emotions, Leo. You have the courage to move through any circumstance with compassion and grace in your heart.
VIRGO:  Some happy outcomes are in store for you this week, Virgo. You've been working hard at building more stability in life, and making your empowerment and happiness a priority, and this week you are soaking in that success and positivity. The light is shining on you, Virgo. Embrace the success and opportunities that are coming around for you right now, and remember that you more than deserve this.
LIBRA: Powerful insights and clarity are coming through for you this week, Libra. This week is all about embracing an open mind and learning something new. You know your stuff, Libra. Honor your wisdom this week and apply your thoughts and ideas in practical ways right now. Your mind is your gift, and it's time to focus in on what you are manifesting in your reality through the thoughts you think the most.
SCORPIO: This week is all about love and emotional balance, Scorpio. Your heart is feeling at peace with what is, and you are seeing the gifts of what is to come. The little moments of joy in life and connecting with what makes your heart light up are what matters right now. Spend time with loved ones, and give and receive love freely. All is well, and all is blooming for you, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: This week is all about change and transitions, Sagittarius. Mars moves into your sign at the beginning of the week, and some extra energy and passion are at your disposal. You are invigorated by change and leaving old chapters behind right now, Sag. Embrace the need to let go and move forward right now, and rejuvenate emotionally how you can. Things are coming full circle.
CAPRICORN: This is a week of breakthroughs for you, Capricorn. You are getting out of a place of limitation and taking a leap of faith on yourself. Venus goes retrograde in your sign at the end of the week, and self-love, healing, and empowerment is key right now. With Mercury also entering your sign this week, the clarity is there for you to understand what's been occurring in your world.
AQUARIUS: Balance, patience, and determination are needed this week, Aquarius. There are rewards and victories to grab ahold of, and it's about overcoming previous doubts or confusions. Trust your instincts right now and go where your heart is flowing. It's time to embrace your wins and successes, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Aquarius.
PISCES: This week is about self-mastery, Pisces. You have learned so much about yourself this year, and you are taking charge of your circumstances. New financial insights are coming through right now, and you are gaining clarity on how to make these goals happen for yourself. Remember to ground yourself in the present, while envisioning your dreams and claiming your victories.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all life coming full circle. With an exciting Full Moon in Gemini, and Venus going Retrograde, the wheels of karma are turning and singing a new tune. The guidance this week is to embrace change, and the new opportunities and beginnings that come from it. When you can find your balance through any twists and turns in life, you can more easily see the reasons for the tide. Focus on what you want to create in your world and see bloom this week.


December 13: Mars enters Sagittarius

December 13: Mercury enters Capricorn

December 18: Full Cold Moon in Gemini

December 19: Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

December 19: Chiron goes direct in Aries

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