Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 20 - Dec. 26

Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 20 - Dec. 26

ARIES: A new perspective is being gained and significant revelations are occurring this week, Aries. Walls are falling, and the truth of what remains. This is a week of transformation and you will rise from the ashes of what's been, Aries. Take the time to seek your clarity right now. Even though things are changing around you in your world, you are still that strong and courageous being you have always been.
TAURUS: This is week is about nurturing your world, Taurus. Life is flowing in harmony with where you've been setting your intentions and seeding the light, and you are in some fortunate energy this week. Claim your peace, and live in your abundance, Taurus. You deserve this. This is a week of seeing life come full circle in beautiful ways, and feeling the love and receptivity in your world.
GEMINI: This week is all about aligning mind, body, and soul, Gemini. There are some happy resolutions taking place, and you are being given the gift of opportunity right now. Open up to receive all of the good the universe is sending your way right now, and believe in your vision. Your ideas and creativity are some of your strongest gifts, trust in them and show up for yourself this week.
CANCER: This is a rewarding week for you, Cancer. This week is about enjoying the fruits of your labor and soaking in the success of today. You have been on many different journeys this year, but there is a sense of everything coming together, and success prevailing now. Pay attention to where you are feeling the success in your life right now, and know that more of it is coming. 
LEO: Love, acceptance, and success are flowing through your world this week, Leo. This is a week to connect, and be around your soul tribe. Continue to nurture the things you are bringing to fruition right now with positive intent and love, and trust your success in life, Leo. Some important achievements are coming full circle right now, and there is plenty to enjoy in your life this week.
VIRGO: This week is about standing in your power and your brilliance, Virgo. Your multifaceted self is shining, and you are bringing to fruition a lot of the different plans and ideas you set into place this year. Remember that your intuition is your strongest gift, and shine in your truth, Virgo. Meditate on your third eye chakra this week, and connect to this intuitive wisdom within you. Live in your abundance.
LIBRA: Life is coming full circle, and it feels good to be where you are right now, Libra. You have trusted the process, learned through the challenges and set your vision towards success. This week opportunity is unfolding for you, and your ship is coming in. Live in your bliss, Libra. Remember what got you to this point, and take notes of what really worked for you this year. 
SCORPIO: This week is about patience and living in the moment, Scorpio. Trust that things are working out for you and the universe is working in your favor. Divine timing is at play this week, and it's about trusting where you are right now is exactly where you need to be Scorpio. Allow things to unfold this week, and give them all the time they need to do just that. All is well.
SAGITTARIUS: There is a lot to do and learn this week, but it is nothing you can't handle, Sag. This week is about dedicating yourself to what you are trying to manifest in your world. Sag Season ends this week, and it's time to put into motion what you've discovered. Your skills and talents are yours for a reason, and you are honing in on these and gaining some new insight here this week.
CAPRICORN: Capricorn Season begins this week, and it's your time to shine, Capricorn! This week brings with it a new energy into your life, and the love is flowing right now. Life has transformed in many ways this year, and there are gifts and magic surrounding you now. Focus on who and what you are grateful for this week, and continue to nourish your emotional world, Capricorn. 
AQUARIUS: This is a week of fulfillment for you, Aquarius. You are spending time with and around all the things that make you happy, and there is a sense of accomplishment with you this week. Enjoy your life, Aquarius, and bet on yourself right now. All is well. As magic continues to unfold for you this week, remember to continue to plan for your success, and know that you deserve it.
PISCES: This week is about taking things one day at a time, Pisces. Trust your inner compass to guide you, and remember how loved you are. When you can listen to your heart and trust in your success- you can meet the victories you seek right now. Focus on the good, Pisces. There are plenty of opportunities and achievements to take note of this week- and you don't want to miss them.

Energy of the Week:

Capricorn Season begins this week, and the energy moves from spontaneity and adventure, to stability and precision. This is a week of growth and taking time to reflect on all that has been this year. There is a sense of a pause, a moment to recoup, gather, and gain a new path forward this week. Take time with you, your heart, and all that is becoming clear to you this week. This week is about emotional renewal and hope.


December 21: Capricorn Season begins

December 26: Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

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Capricorn Season 

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