Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 27 - Jan. 2

Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 27 - Jan. 2

ARIES: There is a coming together happening within your emotional world this week, Aries. Love is around you and you are maintaining your balance. This week is about the gifts that are blooming for you right now, and about focusing on this good energy in life. Let love grow. You may be surprised to see just how connected you really are to the people and magic in your life this week.
TAURUS: You are moving forward passionately this week, Taurus. This is a good week to set your intentions for the year ahead with a New Moon in a fellow Earth Sign this week. Trust where your inspiration is guiding you right now, and remain open to the opportunities coming in. You are getting glimpses of something magical this week, and seeing the gifts of your strength and conviction, Aries.
GEMINI: This is a week of opportunity for you, Gemini. Your mind is opening to new wisdom and potentials, and you are walking through some new doors in life right now. Fly free and fly high, beautiful Gemini. All you seek is seeking you as well. Believe in your growth. You have been continuously taking the steps and reaching new milestones, and you are evolving on your path, Gemini.
CANCER: Things are happening for you this week, Cancer. Previous roadblocks are clearing and there are a lot of opportunities coming your way right now. Stay focused on the present moment and your steps forward, and trust that you are on the right path right now. All is well. There is a lot to keep up with this week, but things are happening for you now that you were once wishing for.
LEO: New beginnings are in store for you this week, Leo. Feel things out right now, and trust where your intuitive guidance system is leading you towards. New ideas, perspectives, and love are flowing through your world this week as you embark on a new journey. Remain hopeful. Keep your eyes on the prize right now, and know that you have everything within in you necessary to succeed.
VIRGO: Your inner brilliance is shining this week, Virgo. The perspective is clear, and there is inspiration flowing through your world. Believe in your unique ideas, skills, and the direction you are headed right now; and trust that you can create something magical right where you are. Your seeds of intention are blooming for you right now, Virgo. Trust the process and continue to move forward with your ideas.
LIBRA: This week is about learning something new. Be open to new perspectives as you see where more time and dedication are needed in life right now. There are some important tasks to do and take care of this week, but these are the stepping stones to your future success, Libra. Take care of your responsibilities, continue to build your skills, and learn what you can right now. You are doing amazing, Libra.
SCORPIO: Believe in your future, Scorpio. Trust that you will meet the happy outcomes you are seeking right now, and remember the power of gratitude in the moment. Go where your happiness is flowing, and be confident in who you are. Optimism is key right now. When you believe in yourself, you believe in what you are creating and you can more easily greet the success you are seeking, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: Focus on nurturing your world this week, Sagittarius. Life is blooming for you, and patience is going to even further make this process pleasing for you. You are in the process of creation, and you are standing in love. Nurture what you are growing right now. The giving and receiving in your life are in flow, and there is a natural synergy with you this week. Thrive on, Sag.
CAPRICORN: This week is about balance, Capricorn. The spotlight is on you right now with the Sun, Venus Retrograde, Mercury, Pluto, and a New Moon all in your sign this week. You are bridging the gap between the past and the future, and seeing the gifts of the now. New opportunties are coming into your life this week during the New Moon, and personal breakthroughs are happening, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS: Your mind is your gift, Aquarius. This week is all about nurturing your mind and giving yourself time to get the full picture. Mercury moves into your sign at the end of this week and will be going Retrograde in about two weeks. Sort things out right now. This week is your time to decompress, meditate, and let go of any thoughts or beliefs that feel restricting to you. Walk into 2022 in peace, Aquarius.
PISCES: This week is about making things happen. There are some things to take care of before the year ends, and you are moving into the new year with a renewed faith in life. Jupiter moves into your sign until May 2022, and it's time you receive your due blessings, Pisces. You are moving into one of the most important times of your life over the next five months, and this is a powerful week for you.

Energy of the Week:

This is a week of new beginnings and opportunities for expansion. Jupiter enters Pisces as we start out the week where it will remain until May 2022, and Mercury enters Aquarius with a New Moon in Capricorn later this week. This week is about looking for the hopeful perspective, and showing up for yourself. Look at detours as blessings, and flow with the winds of change. Have courage to believe in yourself and where you are headed right now.


December 28: Jupiter enters Pisces

January 2: Mercury enters Aquarius

January 2: New Moon in Capricorn


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