Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 6 - Dec. 12

Weekly Horoscope: Dec. 6 - Dec. 12

ARIES: This week is all about balance and standing in your empowerment, Aries. Things don't always turn out the way you hoped, sometimes they turn out even better. The start of something new is occurring right now- give yourself time for things to unfold and seek the light. There are new opportunities on the horizon for you this week, but some time to process and understand it all is also necessary. 
TAURUS: Abundance, reward, and enjoying the fruits of your labor is what this week is all about for you, Taurus. Instead of counting pennies, look at the full picture and focus on the places in your life you do feel abundant right now. You get to control this narrative called your life. This week is all about the good stuff this world has to offer you. You deserve to live in your joy and abundance, Taurus.
GEMINI: Love is in the air for you right now, Gemini. This week is about connection, intimacy, and following your intuition. Love is blooming for you right now and after a time of some isolation- you could use the comfort. Embrace all the gifts your heart has to offer. You have been through many phases of love this year, and you are at the place now where you are growing with another.
CANCER: The wheels of karma are turning, and they are turning in your favor right now, Cancer. This week brings with it a change of scenery and a change of dynamics in your world. This is the time to shoot for the stars and believe in the inspiring vision you are seeing through. Your intuition is a big strength of yours, Cancer- trust it. This is a fortunate week for you!
LEO: Emotions are coming to the forefront and you are doing some soul searching this week, Leo. This week is about understanding more of your inner world and how that translates to what you are seeing in your life experiences. You are worthy of love, and you always have been, Leo. Let go of what has been draining you emotionally, and embrace the emotional fulfillment you do feel in life right now.
VIRGO:  This week is about planting the seeds, nurturing your world, and taking the steps towards what you are bringing to fruition right now, Virgo. When you least expect it, your dreams may be fulfilled- and now is not the time to doubt your progress. Keep on keeping on, Virgo. You are on the right path, and some extra love, attention, and nourishment of your dreams is needed this week. All is well.
LIBRA: Love is flowing through your world, Libra. This week is about honoring the new beginnings you are seeing emotionally- and learning from what was here. Connect with what matters and with what nourishes your heart right now. You are beauty. You are grace. Own it! You deserve all of the loving energy that is moving into your life right now, and seeing your world bloom in new ways.
SCORPIO: This is a week of alignment, love, and harmony, Scorpio. Give your emotional world a voice, and let love bloom into what you have always dreamed of. You are riding the waves of life and of love with success and receptivity, and this is an exciting week for you, Scorpio. What is exhilarating for you right now is giving you a clue as to what is promising, and developing in your life.
SAGITTARIUS: After an Eclipse in your sign last week, this week is requiring more rest and time within, Sag. Not all is lost, and there are gifts to be gained here. A change of perspective is occurring this week, as you acknowledge what isn't working right now and what is. Remember that life is cyclic and things can always change. What may not be a success today, can turn into one tomorrow.
CAPRICORN: This week is about gaining new clarity, Capricorn. There are some things to work out that haven't been making sense lately and through some quiet contemplation, you can get a clearer view. Trust the process, and honor your peace of mind this week. Accept different point of views, and learn what you can right now. This is a good week to organize, and get things straightened out.
AQUARIUS: Your vision is inspiring, Aquarius. This week is all about connecting to your creative impulses and passions- and directing your focus towards your goals. You are embarking on a new journey this week and there is excitement and opportunity in the air for you. Remember that your dreams and goals come to you because you are meant for them- don't doubt yourself right now, Aquarius.
PISCES: This is a week of emotional renewal and happiness for you, Pisces. A sense of contentment is with you as you enjoy the gifts of love that are here for you, and remain hopeful for what is to come. Connect to the joy and compassion in your world, and express yourself, Pisces. Your emotional world is a gift, and it deserves to be expressed and lived out. Let love bloom this week, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about the emotional world and what is changing and blooming here. With Neptune officially direct, there is greater clarity now to move forward with what feels right, and to release what hasn't been making sense. As you reflect on this year and all that it has been for you, make sure to check in with those victories as well -now matter how big or small- and where your roots have truly grown. Move with change, trust your instincts, and the process.

December 10: First Quarter Moon in Pisces
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