Weekly Horoscope: Feb. 14 - Feb. 20

Weekly Horoscope: Feb. 14 - Feb. 20

Energy of the Week: 

This week is a time of moving on and moving forward. Culminations are occurring, and so is the light of a new day. This week love is flowing through the air with Valentine's Day in the mix and Pisces Season beginning. Emotions run high, and union, connection, and support are favored. This week is all about coming together in love, and seeing what intentions bloom from there.


February 14: Pallas enters Aries

February 14: Mercury enters Aquarius

February 16: Full Moon in Leo

February 18: Pisces Season begins


Energy of the Week for Each Sign: 

ARIES: This week is about lifting your head from any fog and seeing the truth of your beauty and your existence. Look out for help in unexpected ways, and call upon support from your angels when you need it. You are a gift, Aries, make sure you are treating yourself as such.
TAURUS: There is a coming together happening for you this week, Taurus. You are balancing everything life has thrown your way recently, and creating a work of art from it. This week is about focusing on what is working for you right now, rather than what isn't. Set your intentions.
GEMINI: This is a powerful week for you for love and understanding more of your expression here, Gemini. Let what's meant to be become for you, and don't worry about what that may look like right now. Feel things out, honor the present and be courageous in love, Gemini.
CANCER: This week is a week of clarity for you, Cancer. All that doesn't serve is cleared, as you focus on what is a priority for right now. As you implement more boundaries out of self-love, your inner light reflects the evolution you have had within. Honor your light, Cancer.
LEO: This is a week of flowing through the different cycles of life you have found yourself in, Leo. With a Full Moon in your sign this week, you a transforming beyond previous limitations and self-beliefs that don't align with how you see yourself now. Let go and move forward, Leo.
VIRGO: This week is a time of moving with love, moving with grace, and showing the way forward. Your inner guidance system is your strength, Virgo, let it guide you to where you need to be. Emotional storms are settling as you gain new ground, let love be, and let yourself free.
LIBRA: Decisions are being made and new commitments are being formed this week, Libra. Your guidance this week is to focus less on making the wrong choice, and more on making decisions that resonate with your heart. You are ready for something more, Libra.
SCORPIO: This is a week of fruition for you, Scorpio. New revelations, experiences, and abundance are coming to the forefront for you, and you are moving from a sense of lack to one of fulfillment. Your guidance for the week is to focus on your joy, and what happiness feels like.
SAGITTARIUS: The nurture, compassion, and devotion you have shown yourself and your heart is manifesting love into your life this week, Sagittarius. This week is about giving and receiving freely and aligning with your heart's callings. Go where life is blooming for you, Sag.
CAPRICORN: This week is all about connecting with your passions, and following your divine purpose in life, Capricorn. You are connecting to the soul and experiencing an inner renewal this week. Emotions are high, and your zest for life is calling for an awakening.
AQUARIUS: With Mercury moving into your sign and a Full Moon in your opposite sign this week, you are in a time of reflection, rebirth, and clarity. You are seeing how you shine within your relationships this week, and connecting with others through love and acceptance.
PISCES: This is a week all about union, connection, and love. Soulmate energy is flowing through your world, as you connect with the people, places, and beliefs that serve your heart well. Dance with life this week, Pisces, and let the walls down long enough to enjoy what is.
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