Weekly Horoscope: Feb. 7 - Feb. 13

Weekly Horoscope: Feb. 7 - Feb. 13

Energy of the Week: 

This is a transition week where the gap between here and there begins to bridge. Things are still being worked out this week and there is an adjustment process taking place right now. This week is a time of reflection, and also honoring and committing yourself to your goals. Your guidance for the week is to focus on the present moment, and to keep your faith and self-belief strong.


February 8: First Quarter Moon in Taurus

February 8: Ceres enters Gemini


Energy of the Week for Each Sign: 

ARIES: This week is about putting all the facts together, and grounding yourself in truth. Don't over-worry or overthink things right now, just focus on what is ahead of you this week, and what your soul needs. Rest and recuperation work wonders for you this week, Aries.
TAURUS: This week is all about connecting with your strength, Taurus. The wheels of karma are turning and you are upholding your successes. Honor your divinity, take your time, and know that you are protected as you move forward right now. Stand in your courage this week, Taurus.
GEMINI: Your intuition is leading you forward this week, Gemini. This is a week of letting inspiration flow towards you and of manifesting your dreams. You have all of the knowledge within you to make some important decisions you have been looking to make this week, Gemini.
CANCER: This week is all about feeling things out, Cancer. You are on a new emotional journey right now and this is a time in your life when you get to enjoy more of the pleasures and light-heartedness that love has to offer you. Connect with your heart light and shine in love, Cancer.
LEO: Transformations abound for you this week, Leo. You are closing some old chapters in life and saying goodbye to what was. Give yourself time through this transition, and remember that you don't have to go through it alone. You are preparing to enter a new cycle right now, trust and flow.
VIRGO: This week is all about looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, Virgo. Remember that detours and changes to plans are often blessings in disguise, and trust where life is moving to right now. Channel your energy and passions in healthy, creative ways this week.
LIBRA: The laws of karma are at play this week, and things are coming full circle right now, Libra. Be patient with this process and learn what you can from the situation. The universe is showing you something you need to see so that you can grow and move into something greater, Libra.
SCORPIO: This week is all about change for you, Scorpio. It's about showing up for yourself and getting yourself out of any rut you've been feeling by viewing things with the perspective that you are enough, are worthy of whatever you desire, and are ready to release any past pain.
SAGITTARIUS: You are doing some spiritual contemplation this week and are spending more time in your safe spaces going within. This is the week to gain your clarity and redefine your purpose. Align with your higher self, and listen to the guidance of your soul, Sag.
CAPRICORN: This week is about letting your spirit fly, Capricorn. Connect to Mother Earth, honor the new cycle of life you have found yourself in, and release what you feel has had its time. This is a week of rejuvenation and renewal, and you are living in your peace.
AQUARIUS: This week is all about balance and finding your perfect sweet spot in life, Aquarius. You have been learning to work with oppositions and duality, and have found a way to honor your own personal empowerment in the process. Justice is in your favor.
PISCES: This is a week of passion and harmony for you, Pisces. Things are moving quickly for you right now, and previous roadblocks in life are dissipating. This is your week to move forward with your divine intentions and to get things moving. Success is yours, Pisces. Believe it is so. 


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