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Weekly Horoscope: Jan. 17 - Jan. 23

ARIES: This is a week of intentional action. You are tapping into your inner power and claiming your successes. As life comes full circle this week, you get the opportunity to decide where you want to go from here. You are the one writing your story, Aries, empower yourself in this knowing.
TAURUS: Open your heart to the pleasant surprises that are in store for you this week, Taurus. This week brings things back into perspective with Uranus going direct in your sign after being Retro since Aug. 2021. Your vision is manifesting, and you are following your heart.
GEMINI: This week is about being honest with yourself and about setting boundaries where needed. Honor your emotional peace and insights, and protect that which you've created, Gemini. If you knew you would be supported in doing something, what would you do? Think it through.
CANCER: This week is a time of culmination and letting go, Cancer. With a Full Moon in your sign on Monday, you are entering the week ready for some closures, and ready to receive whatever light is coming your way right now. Release, let go and renew your spirit this week.
LEO: This week is about working through your emotional world. There is some restlessness to this week as you seek to understand better where things have been working for you and where they haven't. Look at what patterns keep playing out that you want to release, Leo.
VIRGO: This is a week of achievement and of meeting your successes, Virgo. The intentions you have been setting and the efforts you've been putting in are coming full circle, and this is an inspiring week for manifestation. Stay focused on your goals and see your dreams through, Virgo.
LIBRA: Love is unfolding for you this week, Libra. This is a heart-centered week for you, and your focus is on connection, healing, and compassion. Find your balance between the head and the heart, and honor your truths this week, Libra. Enjoy where you are right now, and let love be.
SCORPIO: This is your week of harvest, and of enjoying the fruits of your intentions, Scorpio. You are in balance with the closures you are moving through and the new beginnings that have come with it, and you are moving into new territory this week. You deserve your blessings.
SAGITTARIUS: This week is all about connection. Your heart is opening to new experiences and beginnings in love, and your heart light is shining, Sag. Live in your truths, and don't be afraid to be vulnerable with another. When you express how you feel, you allow love in.
CAPRICORN: You are in a cycle of reflection, and patience at this time, Capricorn. Some more time is needed for things to work themselves out, and some more information will appear for you soon. For now, know that this is temporary, and take one step forward each day.
AQUARIUS: This is a week of passion, wisdom, and of allowing things to be. Trust where life is heading right now, and have faith that you have set yourself up for continued success, love, passion, and opportunities. Allow the energy to flow this week, Aquarius.
PISCES: This week is all about communication, Pisces. Self-expression is key to breaking through the confusion, and it's time to communicate how you are feeling. You have a strong intuition, Pisces, tap into this gift of yours and trust that you have this inner connection.

Energy of the Week:


January 17: Full Moon in Cancer

January 18: Uranus Direct in Taurus

January 19: Aquarius Season begins


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