Weekly Horoscope: Jan. 24 - Jan. 30

Weekly Horoscope: Jan. 24 - Jan. 30

ARIES: This week brings with it a flow of new energy and blessings into your life, Aries. This week is about accepting the gifts of today and allowing all that is meant to be to fall into place for you. Release what's been holding you back, and allow yourself to receive right now, Aries. There is a river of blessings flowing to you this week, soak it in. 
TAURUS: Peace is the focus this week, Taurus. Any conflicts that have been arising for you are coming up to be reviewed and released this week. Let go of that which you cannot control, and honor your empowerment in what you can. Find the middle ground, and know you are safe. Release any restlessness in your life, and connect with your inner trust and protection.
GEMINI: This week is about the sacredness of your life, Gemini. There are important moments of magic coming through for you this week, and you are balancing your need for action with your need for perseverance and faith. If there is one person you can count on- it is yourself. Focus on your intentions, and take sacred action towards your dreams, Gemini.
CANCER: Compassion, grace, and love are flowing through your world this week, Cancer. Love is the motive, and new connections are manifesting for you right now. Nourish what is blooming for you, and spend more time in the heart space. Your heart is shining, Cancer. This is a powerful week for connection, and new clarity within your relationships.
LEO: This is a week of new beginnings and walking through new doors, Leo. You have the vision, you understand what it takes, and you are ready for a new adventure right now. This is an awakening week for you, and the starting point of something powerful. You are free. Focus on what new paths you are moving into this week, and hold the vision of your dreams.
VIRGO: This week is about rising above and gaining the full picture, Virgo. Your soul is radiating in its light, and you are making some discoveries this week. This is your time to be, to inspire, and your time to move into more high vibe experiences. Stretch your wings and fly, Virgo. You are ready for your personal new beginnings, and you are moving towards them this week.
LIBRA: This week is the start of something new for you, Libra. You are moving forward with the intentions you have been planting, and are seeing glimpses of the magic that is to be for you. Trust in your power as a creator, and manifest your dreams. You are worthy of well-being, Libra. This is your week to connect with what you are looking to create right now.
SCORPIO: This week is about release, culmination, and trusting the divine timing of life, Scorpio. Let go of what has left you feel more held back than nourished, and focus on what positively serves you. You have the power to decide for yourself and to decide on peace. Let go of any conflicts, and seek an understanding with others this week, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: Fun times are in store for you this week, Sagittarius. This is a week of friendship, unity, and support. You are connecting with loves ones and inspiring souls, and feeling a sense of purpose in your surroundings. Network, connect and get out there, Sag. New adventures await, and you won't be alone on this journey. Pay attention to what connections are blooming and thriving this week.
CAPRICORN: This is a week of power and passion for you, Capricorn. You are connecting to your inner magic and letting the freedom of your soul express itself. Venus goes direct this week after being Retrograde in your sign since Dec. The wisdom of your heart is leading the way. Connect to the wisdom of your soul, Capricorn. You are ready.
AQUARIUS: You are finding your balance this week, Aquarius. Stand in your empowerment, and trust that things are working themselves out right now. It has taken many different paths to lead you to where you are now, and this is only the beginning for you. Trust what you know, and trust your power in all situations you find yourself in this week, Aquarius.
PISCES: Communication, self-expression, and divine insight are what this week is all about for you, Pisces. You are making your voice heard, and moving into a sacred time of understanding. Take the time to listen to your heart, what it needs, and what it's telling you this week, Pisces. There is magic, truth, and inspiration moving through your world right now.

Energy of the Week: 


This week is about honoring the blessings in your life, and allowing more in. The key this week is to go with the flow, and open up to receive. When you can connect with the magic of the heart and let the doubts go, you can see the truth of what is standing in front of you. This week is about where you stand now with progress, change, and emotional renewal that has been had this year so far. Take time to reflect, and allow space for love to bloom.


January 24: Mars enters Capricorn

January 25: Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

January 25: Mercury Retrograde enters Capricorn

January 29: Venus direct in Capricorn


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