Weekly Horoscope: Mar. 28 - Apr. 3

Weekly Horoscope: Mar. 28 - Apr. 3

Message of the Week: 

ARIESTap into your inner source of abundance, grace, and growth this week, Aries. The manifestations of your intentions are blooming in your world, and you are ready to claim your blessings right now. This is a week of fruition, empowerment, and creating the beautiful world you want to live in, Aries
TAURUS:  Dreams are coming true for you this week, and this is a time of a fresh start and a breath of fresh air. You have been putting many different things in your life together, and creating from your inner source of passion. Your heart is sending you high, and you are on an evolution of love, Taurus. You are safe.
GEMINI: This week is all about perspective, Gemini. Take a step back, and listen to your inner source of wisdom that is calling to you right now. New scenes, new vibes, and new emotional experiences are where you are headed, and you are leaving the doubts and worries of the past behind. Be free in your knowing.
CANCER:  The divine intentions you sow, is the love that you reap, Cancer. Some things are turning around for you this week, and there are pleasant surprises in store for you right now. Find your ground, live in your balance, and trust these natural cycles of life you are moving through right now. It's showtime, Cancer!
LEO: You've been connecting more to your self-expression, and have found a new source of empowerment here. Instead of waiting for anyone else's encouragement or applause- you gave yourself that and showed yourself a new type of fearlessness. Success is where you are and where you are headed, Leo.
VIRGO:  Balance is what this week is all about for you, Virgo. You love to do as much as you can, but can forget to ask your body and your heart what it wants in the process. Take care of what you need to get done, but also remember the gift of time, patience, and letting things be. Ask yourself, "What does my body need?"
LIBRA:  This week is all about letting things flow towards you, Libra. Releasing the grasp, trusting the process, and putting a little more faith in yourself are needed this week. Instead of thinking of all the ways something can go wrong, flip the script and focus on gratitude right now. Trust is key this week, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Justice is seeing the truth of your power and capabilities, Scorpio. Life is unfolding for you and you are seeing the fruition of past decisions and paths traveled. This week is reminding you that you are free to be and become in your own time and your own process and to celebrate what is right now Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a week of grounding, rest, and nourishment, Sagittarius. Your inner compass is aligned towards home right now, and being in places that give you a sense of emotional peace and inner stability are favored. This week is about aligning mind, body, and soul, and connecting with loved ones who get it.
CAPRICORN:  You are owning your power, and living in your bliss this week, Capricorn. Good news within financial matters is possible for you right now, and you are experiencing a sense of things coming together professionally, making you feel more at ease personally. Believe in your gifts, vision, and success, and allow.
AQUARIUS:  This week is all about planting the seeds, doing the work, and pulling things together, Aquarius. Although the tasks seem to be longer this week, you are the one in control here and you can use this time to strengthen your prioritization. As the week flows, pay attention to what effort feels good and what doesn't.
PISCES:  There is a metamorphosis occurring in your life right now, Pisces. You are processing, shedding old layers of the past, and rewriting your story. There are some things to take in right now and understand, and through this acceptance, you will find an even greater strength than before. Your story is yours to write.

Energy of the Week: 

This week is all about allowing the dream to unfold, and not losing hope. The week starts out with Neptune in Pisces forming a harmonious Sextile to True Node in Taurus, and this is setting the tone for the dreamy week that's ahead. Neptune in Pisces wants to feel, fantasize, and create; North Node in Taurus want's to build, love, and connect. The two coming together are greeting each other with sweet moments of victory, and providing a solid foundation for dreams to grow on. The New Moon in Aries on the 1st is the beginning of a new chapter, and there are no limits to where this passionate energy can take you right now. Listen to your intuition, and follow your destiny.

March 28: Neptune Sextile North Node

March 31/April 1: New Moon in Aries



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