Weekly Horoscope: May 9 - May 15

Weekly Horoscope: May 9 - May 15

Message of the Week: 

ARIES Life is taking a positive turn of direction for you this week, Aries. This week is all about coming out on top of your world and leaving the paths that haven't favored you or been working out for you, behind. You are stepping up and showing up right now, and it's time to pick up your crown and move forward, Aries.
TAURUS:  Speak your voice, Taurus. This week is a week of showing up for your ideas and beliefs and letting your perspective be known. Meditate on the throat chakra, and ask yourself what has been blocking you from self-expression. This week is all about dancing with life, and communicating from the heart, Taurus.
GEMINI:  This is a transformative week for you, Gemini. Endings and culminations are appearing, and they are coming through from a need for space, time, and reflection. Notice what is starting to add up and make sense for you right now, and go from there. This week is a time to rest, replenish, and refocus, Gemini.
CANCER:  This week is a celebration of life for you, Cancer. There are emotional experiences to celebrate and dive into right now, and people to celebrate with. This week is about connecting to what and who is lighting you up inside and giving the love back. There is a harmony in your world this week to tap into.
LEO: This week is all about prioritizing, Leo. You are juggling many different things right now, and your guidance for the week is to remember that your health and well-being should be at the top of your to-do list. Do what you need to do, but don't forget about yourself right now, Leo. You are walking on new ground.
VIRGO:  Focus on what you are grateful for in your world right now, and leave the fixation on what you aren't, in the past. This week is all about gratitude and living in the moment for you, Virgo. This isn't the time to build walls up over yourself, it's the time to let the ice melt and the love flow. You are safe, you are love, Virgo.
LIBRA:  This week is a new beginning for you emotionally, Libra. Love is evolving for you right now, and this is coming through from you taking the time to nurture yourself and fill up your own cup. The connections in your life and love are moving forward and thriving, and there is star power with you this week, Libra.
SCORPIO:  Let the inspiration flow, then run with it, Scorpio. This week is all about living in your truths and staying inspired. The insights are there, the creativity is shining, and you are protected as you hone in on some new ideas and concepts. The passion you are feeling right now is just the beginning, Scorpio, keep going.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about finding your balance, Sag. The giving and receiving in your life are coming into view right now, and you are feeling financially capable to do some of the things you have been looking to do. Goals are being seen through right now, and you are planting the seeds in many areas of your life.
CAPRICORN:  Remember your power, Capricorn. This week is a time of reflection, and taking the time to understand what is being mirrored to you within your relationships right now. Make your inner peace the priority this week, and create boundaries where necessary. Forgive what's going to help you move on right now.
AQUARIUS:  Life is coming full circle for you this week, and there is a sense of satisfaction here for you right now, Aquarius. This week is all about coming together with loved ones, family, soul friends, and creating something beautiful. Your financial world expands as your understanding of where you are heading does as well.
PISCES:  This week is a new beginning for the heart, Pisces. Emotions are heightened, and you are feeling excited about how your manifestations are growing and appearing for you right now. Your guidance for the week is to clear the mind and purify the heart. Release any negativity and allow yourself to feel this joy.

Energy of the Week:

This wheels of fortune are turning this week as Jupiter moves into a new sign. Jupiter makes its once-every-decade transit into Aries this week, where it will remain until entering Pisces one more time late October, and then finishing its transit in Aries moving into 2023. We are moving to a time of expansion, growth, and passion. On the same day of this magical transit, Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini, and will be making sure we are still learning our lessons, taking our time to process, and communicating from the heart. Dreams come true this week when you have the power to believe in them.


May 10: Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini

May 10: Jupiter enters Aries

May 15: Ceres enters Cancer 

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