Weekly Horoscope: Nov. 15 - Nov. 21

Weekly Horoscope: Nov. 15 - Nov. 21

ARIESNew beginnings, renewed hope in love, and positive opportunities are what this week has in store for you, Aries. There is the feeling of the start of something new in your world this week, and your heart is singing a new tune. Follow your bliss, Aries, and nurture your inner child. When you can take the time to connect within, listen to your heart, and understand your dreams, you can have better clarity on where you are headed. Love and compassion are flowing through your world this week.
TAURUS: This week is all about following your intuition, Taurus. With a Full Moon Eclipse in your sign this week, things are changing around you and in your life right now. Focus on the big picture, and what the little details add up to. Remember how wise and powerful you are, Taurus. The skies are opening up for you, and although transition isn't always easy, you have all the tools and knowledge needed for personal success. Believe in yourself, and trust your growing intuition right now. 
GEMINI: There is excitement and opportunity in the air for you this week, Gemini. Creativity and inspiration are flowing through your world, and it's about balancing this energy with your responsibilities right now. Take the time to dive deep into your self-love and self-expression this week. There is a lot going on for you right now, but it's taking you to new heights and perspectives. You are just getting started, Gemini, have fun this week!
CANCER: This week is about joy, Cancer. Connect with what lights your heart up, and trust the growing love that is unfolding in your life for you right now. Your emotions are your gift, and it's okay to feel them and express them, Cancer. This is a week of rejoicing in love, and making your happiness the priority. Feel the hope and beauty in your world, and connect with your heart. Your heart light is shining right now, and how beautiful it is to be you, Cancer.
LEO: This week is about foundations, stability, and living in the moment, Leo. Focus on the present moment, and take things day by day. You have built more security around yourself recently, and you are seeing the gifts and empowerment of this personal progress this week, Leo. The sky is clearing, and a new day is dawning for you this week. Empower yourself by remaining grounded through it all, and call upon support and guidance when you need it. 
VIRGO: This is a powerful week for you, Virgo. The energy that is with you is dynamic, liberating, and enlightening, and you are moving forward with confidence. Your intuitive intelligence is shining this week, and you are protected and guided as you live your truth, lovely Virgo. Remember that it's okay to live life on your terms, and to be strong in your ideas and perspectives. With an Eclipse in a fellow Earth Sign this week, you have good synergy with you right now. Feel things through, release what doesn't serve, and connect to your strong intuition this week, Virgo.
LIBRA: This is a week of reflection for you, Libra. There are some things to think about this week, and it's a good time to clear distractions. Focus on what makes sense and feels true for you, and let the doubts go for now. Balance is key right now, Libra, what are your priorities? When you can take the time to focus on what is important to you, your well-being, and overall peace of mind, you can have the clarity needed to move away from confusion and into empowerment. All is well.
SCORPIO: Your heart is in the right place, Scorpio. It's all about balance for you right now, as the Full Moon Eclipse this week is occurring in your opposite sign. You are a brilliant, capable, and worthy being, and you deserve to be acknowledged and loved through it all. Being multi-faceted is a gift in itself- let all of you shine, Scorpio. This is the last week of Scorpio Season, and it is a good time to regroup, release what doesn't serve, and set your intentions for the year ahead.
SAGITTARIUS: Take your time, and feel things through. This is a time of reflection and getting back to the basics, as you gain more clarity on your experiences in life- both the blessings and the challenges. Sag Season starts at the end of the week, prepare for new experiences. Remember that you will always be provided for, and that changes to plans are often blessings in disguises. Remain flexible, and remember your worth, Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN: This week is all about love, connection, soulmates, and all the blessings that come from it, Capricorn. Emotional clarity is flowing through your world, and it feels good to love and be loved in return. Your heart space is where the growth is, and romance is in the air. With a Full Moon Eclipse in a fellow Earth Sign this week, there is synergy and receptivity that's coming from it. You deserve to be loved, and it's time to experience the bliss of it right now, Capricorn. Enjoy what's unfolding for you this week.
AQUARIUS:  Clarity and transformation are what this week is about for you, Aquarius. New information and insight are coming to light for you, and it's changing things up. This is a good time to release what hasn't been benefiting you or your health and to renew your spirit. Take the time to understand what is happening in your life right now, but don't allow yourself to get consumed in different perspectives. You hold the keys to the answers you are looking for right now, Aquarius.
PISCES: There is something beautiful blooming in your world right now, Pisces, but some extra patience is needed. Know that you are making real strides and progress and that your intentions and dreams will manifest for you. Create the life you wish, by honoring the gifts of what is. You are a genuine soul, and bring so much magic into this world, Pisces. By putting gratitude, love, and empowerment in your intentions right now, you can reach your success effortlessly, and with grace.

Energy of the Week:

With a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this week, inspiration, culminations, and transformations abound. Aspire for balance, love, and trust your intuition right now. The insights are coming through, and it's about overcoming past challenges. As the clarity comes in this week, renewed stability does as well, and it's a good week to connect to your safe spaces, and to ground yourself in the beauty of the moment.

November 16: Vesta enters Sagittarius
November 19: Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
November 21: Sun enters Sagittarius
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