Weekly Horoscope: Nov. 8 - Nov. 14

Weekly Horoscope: Nov. 8 - Nov. 14

ARIES: This week is all about focusing on your divine intentions for your life, Aries. Remember how many things you once wished and intended for, that you have now in your reality. That is how powerful of a creator you are. Tap into this power, this week, Aries. Use the skills and tools that you have acquired, and trust that you will have everything you need when you need it. You are protected as you move forward right now. 
TAURUS: Ground yourself, Taurus. This week is all about connecting to the things that make you feel grounded, safe, and in-tune with all that is. Get out in nature, go near a body of water, and let Mother Nature heal and renew your spirit. Be patient with your bloom, Taurus. A lot has been coming to the surface in your life lately, and it's giving you the inner clarity needed to see the truth of your experiences.
GEMINI: This is a week of new beginnings for you, Gemini. Opportunities are blooming for you, and what is ahead of you is exciting. As hope flows through your world this week, remember to thank the shining stars for the clearing, and your intuition for guiding you forward. A new day is dawning for you, Gemini, and you are making some important achievements right now. Nurture your dreams this week!
CANCER: Surrender, release, and letting go of the things you cannot control is needed this week, Cancer. Make your inner peace the priority, and take a look at the things that could use some space to bloom right now. As emotions flow this week, you are reminded of what is. By focusing on what is in least resistance, you are able to move through the emotional waters, into greater peace.
LEO: Connect to your dreams and nurture your inner child this week, Leo. Some more rest, downtime, and space to just be is needed right now. When you take the time for your well-being and what nurtures your heart and soul, you can feel more of this resonance in your world. This week is about rejuvenation and strength, Leo. When you need the support, call on your angels for guidance. 
VIRGO: This week is about connecting to the joy and resonance in your world, Virgo. Love is the focus right now, as you allow yourself to be held, seen, and nurtured in all your glory. Healing is powerful this week, and the magic that comes from it is even more endearing. You are singing your own tune and communicating from the heart this week, and there is an opening of new beginnings upon you. Romance is flowing through your world Virgo, tap into it.
LIBRA: Your manifestations are blooming, and new ones are being inspired from there. This week is all about truth, honesty, and the vulnerability that comes with it, Libra. There is clarity in your world, and the flog is clearing. Know that you are loved and supported in every process. Every cycle of life, every version of you the world has seen, is loved and valued, Libra. See yourself the way you wish others to.
SCORPIO: This is a week of spiritual growth and divine intuition, Scorpio. With a few weeks left of Scorpio Season, there is still a lot of magic to tap into right now. When you can take the time to rest, replenish, and retreat, you can make the space for your dreams to grow. Some extra downtime is needed this week, as you plan your next moves, and take the next steps. The instincts of a Scorpio are very powerful, tap into it.
SAGITTARIUS: This week is all about your peace and serenity, Sagittarius. Connect to the things that bring you closer to your soul, and the spaces that nourish it. When you focus on your well-being, priorities, and peace in life, you can find the magic you are looking for. New opportunities are opening up for you now, and they're coming through from your patience and divine pursuit of them. All is well, Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN: This is a week of contemplation for you, Capricorn. Meditation will serve you well now, as you quiet your mind and listen to the guidance of your soul. You are always spiritually connected, and you can count on your faith to maintain your strength now. Sometimes you need to take intentionally time out to connect within and what is going on there, and that is what this week is about for you, Capricorn. This too shall pass. 
AQUARIUS:  This is an empowering week for you, Aquarius. Connect to your inner source of strength and dignity, and see your dreams through right now. You hold the keys to your treasures, Aquarius. Your affirmation this week is, "It is okay for me to be powerful."  Repeat this to yourself throughout the week to connect to this feeling within you. You are making major moves right now.
PISCES: Trust the divine timing of your life this week, Pisces. You are on the right path, and doing what needs to be done to see your dreams through. Remember that when you take more moments to appreciate the magic and happiness in your world, you can experience more of it. Ground yourself in gratitude for what is, while remaining hopeful and confident for what is to be. Divine timing is at play in your life this week, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about connecting to the feeling of harmony in your world. There is something translucent and inspiring about the energy this week. Possibilities feel endless and hopeful, and fulfilled dreams are only an intention away. Remember that acceptance, faith, and confidence can move you forward into victories. Hold the vision of your dreams, and know that you are protected every step of the way.

November 8: Pallas goes direct in Pisces
November 11: First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
November 14: Juno enters Capricorn

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