Weekly Horoscope: Oct. 25 - Oct. 31

Weekly Horoscope: Oct. 25 - Oct. 31

ARIES: You are on the right path right now, Aries- don't overthink it. Keep moving forward with your heart's passions, and keep your eyes focused on your desired outcomes. Hold the vision Aries, you know what you're doing. You can trust where you are. Your ruling planet Mars moves into Scorpio this week, and there is more energy at your disposal now to see things through. Follow your true north.
TAURUS: Follow your inspiration, Taurus. You have been hearing your soul's callings, and it's time to direct your passions towards your goals and visions. You are talented, you are worthy, and you deserve to live your dreams. What do you feel called to do right now, Taurus? This week is about you, your goals, and living out your soul's purpose. With Mars moving into your opposite sign of Scorpio this week, balance is key right now.
GEMINI:  You are a pillar of light, Gemini. Shine forth your light and true intentions, and let yourself transform from what was. You are on a path of growth, spiritual enlightenment and deep understanding, and you have gifts coming forth to share with the world. You are rising, like the beautiful being you are. All is well.
CANCER: This week is all about changing things up, and getting the energy moving in your life in a new way. You can't keep doing the same things and expecting different outcomes- change the vibe up this week, Cancer. You deserve to have some more fun right now. Dance with life, let your spirit free, and direct your passion towards your happiness in life.
LEO: This week is all about following your inspirations, Leo. What is lighting you up inside right now? The focus turns within, as you gain some new clarity on what your heart is telling you. Look for the magic and inspiration this week, Leo. You are free to be. When you focus on your desired outcomes with gratitude and excitement, you allow more miraculous experiences to occur in your world.
VIRGO: Trust yourself and the process, Virgo. You are making real waves in the world, whether that always feels apparently so or not. You are a light in this world, you are so loved, and you are worthy. Focus on your goals, passions, and the light in your heart- and let the rest go. If you can remain focused on what you are doing, you can get less caught up what is holding you back. Empower yourself by living your purpose, and following your heart, Virgo.
LIBRA: Nurture your inner world this week, Libra. This week is about self-love, compassion, and listening to your intuition. When things feel heavy, know that you can always go within, seek out your safe spaces, and nurture your world. Let love grow this week, Libra. Emotional clarity is coming in, and your heart has some things to say this week.
SCORPIO: This week is all about release and replenishment, Scorpio. It's time to release the mental restrictions and habits that aren't serving you and your growth right now. You are not where you where, you are where you are now. Feel the liberation this week, Scorpio. Mars moves into your sign and the end of this week, and you are going to have some extra energy at your disposal now to get things done and see things through. Let go of the heaviness, so you can feel freer moving forward.
SAGITTARIUS: You are taking a leap of faith this week, Sagittarius. The opportunities are endless for you, and know that you can make it through anything you put your mind to. Go into things knowing you will meet success, and you will be that much closer to it, Sag. Chapters are closing, and new ones are beginning right now. Follow the magic. 
CAPRICORN: It's all coming together for you this week, Capricorn. This is a time of deep clarity and the pieces of the puzzle forming the full picture. The connections you are making right now are soul based, and there is resonance in your world, Capricorn. Remain in gratitude for all that is coming together right now, and focus on your relationship growth this week.
AQUARIUS: This is an inspiring week for you, Aquarius. This week is all about following your souls callings, and getting back to the basics. Focus on your journey right now and where you are headed. You are the leader of your life, Aquarius.  Wherever you go, the universe will follow. Get inspired this week and paint the sky your favorite color. This is your life to live, beautiful. All is well.
PISCES: This week is all about living in your heart space, Pisces. Tune into your inner world right now, and gain the clarity there. Devote yourself to the love and understanding that has been coming forth in your life, Pisces. Remember that you are love, and you are loved. There is a coming together happening this week, and the magic within you, is shining without.

Energy of the week:

This week is all about moving forward with renewed passion and direction. It's about crossing the threshold from what was, into what is to be. Devote yourself to the beauty of life, and let magic come forth right now. Mars moves into its home sign of Scorpio, and the energy and motivation is there to see your dreams through. Emotions are heightened, and love and compassion are key.

October 28: Last Quarter Moon in Leo
October 30: Mars in Scorpio

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This is awesome! 🙌 I read these for everyone in my family and they are all beautiful messages and horoscopes for the week. 🤩 Spot on even. 😎 For example, 6 year old Sagittarian daughter has always been very shy, even social phobic. She finally decided to take dance classes like her older sisters. Today was a teacher work day for our county and their dance studio offered a mini dance camp during the day. It was four hours. 😯 This child is home schooled and hesitant just going to dance classes; especially when her sisters won’t be there for another 30 minutes to an hour after her even, knowing she’s being dropped off. Today she wanted to go to that camp and stepped outside her comfort zone, took that leap of faith you mentioned and had a blast! ❤️ Thursday in dance class she was singled out by the director for executing a step perfectly, especially for her age. 🥰 Indeed, she is already meeting success at even such a young age. Old chapters are closing and new ones are beginning. 🩰 You’re absolutely right! 😃 🎯 This was the case for all eight of us! 🥰 Thank you for these weekly horoscopes. 🙏 I love them! 💗

Melanie Casteel

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