Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 22 - Apr. 28

Energy of the Week:

This week is about strength, peace, and gratitude. The week begins with a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23, and this is the Pink Moon of the year. With a Full Moon in a Water Sign this week, emotions are running higher than usual, but they are also providing more clarity and direction as well. Mercury goes Direct a few days later after being Retrograde the past couple of weeks, and it's finally time to take a breath. Mercury being Direct in Aries now brings less obstacles, more inspiration, and greater opportunities for success. This week is about not being afraid to claim your peace and put yourself and your heart first a little more.


Apr. 23: Full Moon in Scorpio

Apr. 25: Mercury Direct in Aries



Message of the Week:

ARIES: You are focused on maintaining your balance and growing in your stability this week, Aries. You have a good synergy going within you right now, and you are feeling capable for whatever comes next. After the mountains you have climbed, you deserve this steady pace you are in now, Aries.

TAURUS: This is a receptive week for you as you open your heart to love, passion, and abundance. You are feeling in tune with your emotions and are feeling safe to express yourself and allow yourself to be. It’s officially your season, and it’s time to open to up to some new opportunities and gifts, Taurus.

GEMINI: This week is about focusing on the things you are attracting in your life right now, Gemini. You are a magnet for the things you want, and it’s about learning to tap into more of that creative energy this week. Manifest from the heart, and be open to receiving the love that is on its way to you.

CANCER: Clarity is beaming, and you are seeing things with new eyes, Cancer. There are more opportunities coming in to plan for the future and to be able to create concrete plans, and take the next steps towards your goals. After a little bit of obstacles, you are moving through personal breakthroughs.

LEO: This week is a time of intention, achievement, and clarity. You are focused on where you have been able to overcome and reach some important resolutions, and where you have learned to let go a little more. You are protected as you move forward, and you are ready to see dreams come true.

VIRGO: This week is about trusting the path you feel guided towards right now, Virgo. You are communicating your needs, opening up to some new perspectives, and moving yourself into some safer environments. You are the leader of your life, trust that you know what is best for you right now.

LIBRA: This week is an emotional one, and one where you are feeling the blessings of your close relationships and the love in your life right now, Libra. You are open to a new beginning, and that new beginning is coming in for you. Make a wish and trust the connections forming now.

SCORPIO: With a Full Moon in your sign this week, you are feeling a little bit more pressure right now, Scorpio. You are ready to let go of any conflicts you have been feeling in your life, and are reclaiming your power in the process. This week is about being brave and owning the boundaries you are creating.

SAGITTARIUS: This week is about healing and tapping into the power of your self-love, Sagittarius. You need some more time to yourself this week, and some space to let go of what hasn’t been serving you. Write lists of what you are grateful for right now, and ask your heart what you need this week.

CAPRICORN: This week is about overcoming any misunderstandings you have been feeling in your life, Capricorn. By holding onto the past too tightly, you allow this energy to continue to grow in your life, rather than experience what new growth can be possible for you. Remember where you want to be.

AQUARIUS: Your intuition is especially strong right now, and you are connected to the possibilities of the future. This week is about feeling clear-headed, inspired, and divinely guided. You have decided on the things you want in your life, and are focused on bringing this energy to fruition for yourself.

PISCES: This week is about honoring the present by letting go of the past, Pisces. You are learning some important lessons right now, but you are having fun and feeling inspired doing so. You are ready for a new beginning in your life, and you are trusting your process and the time it’s taking to get there.



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