Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 24 - Apr. 30

Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 24 - Apr. 30

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  This week is about making the decisions that feel right to your heart, and that align with your values and dignity, Aries. Trust your gut instincts this week and protect your energy wisely. Gain more clarity on the motives of some of those around you, and see the truth of a situation. You are being protected, Aries.
TAURUS: This week is coming together for you nicely, Taurus. This is a week where the past may be coming up for you more, but it's a nice reflection and not something you feel is pulling you back. Old friends, love, and experiences may resurface this week- allow love to flow, but remember how much you have grown.
GEMINI: The tables are turning, and you are in a new position this week, Gemini. This week is showing you the fruition that has come from your healing journey and the direction you have set out for yourself. Your wise choices have played out positively, and this is a good trajectory to stay on. Don't entertain bad habits.
CANCER: This week is all about getting the proper rest that your body and your mind are asking for right now, Cancer. Once you give yourself permission to take a break, you will see how the things you were once concerned about are taken care of, and that by allowing yourself this space, you create more peace in your life.
LEO: You are embarking on a new path this week, and there is a fresh start here for you, Leo. This is a week when you are feeling optimistic about the path ahead. Even though you don't know exactly where you may be headed right now, you have faith that it will all work out for you, and that's because it will, Leo.
VIRGO:  Choose your battles wisely this week, Virgo. Protect your energy, and don't let people or circumstances make you into someone you aren't. The truth will shine like it always does, but for now, be in your grace, your light, and your confidence. This is a week of transition, and it's time to move forward and be free.
LIBRA: Stability, safety, and emotional security are what you are looking for these days, Libra. This week is about creating the foundations in your life that will last the test of time, and about spending more time with loved ones. You are feeling supported and there is a spark being lit in your life this week, Libra.
SCORPIO: Dreams are coming true, and it's time to make a wish, Scorpio! This week you are seeing your full potential and are taking action on your dreams. You are in a good position to receive abundance, and there is some flowing your way right now. You are a divine being, worthy of all things, Scorpio, don't forget it.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is about directing your will toward your goals and to where you see yourself in the future, Sag. You are feeling inspired, creative, and passionate this week, and have all the necessary tools and resources to succeed right now. Put one foot in front of the other, and don't count yourself out this week.
CAPRICORN: You are going within, and spending some time in reflection this week, Capricorn. This week is a time of getting the answers you have been searching for clarity on, and about spending some time in retreat mode, healing, and clearing the mind. You are lighting your own way forward this week, and are inspiring.
AQUARIUS: This week is the beginning stage of a new journey that you are embarking on, Aquarius. Remember to take your time as you are making moves so that impulsion doesn't ruin your plans, but overall, this is an exciting week for you. Don't shy away from the opportunities that are presenting themselves this week.
PISCES:  You are love, you are loved, Pisces. This is a week that you are feeling like your cup is full, and overflowing at that. There is emotional growth and receptivity taking place in your life, and you are nurturing your world. There is a lot to be grateful for right now, Pisces, make sure you are focusing on that.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about passion. Things are heating up this week, with new directions and intentions appearing, and paths opening. Although we are still in the midst of Mercury Retrograde and some extra precaution is still necessary, there are glimpses of hope and inspiration coming forth this week, thanks to the First Quarter Moon in Leo happening mid-week. Decisions are being made, and it's about finding the balance between what is, and what is to be. Remember, you have the power.

Apr. 27: First Quarter Moon in Leo


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