Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 3 - Apr. 9

Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 3 - Apr. 9

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  Choose your battles wisely this week, Aries. We are in the midst of Aries Season, and some more patience is needed from you at this time. Your relationships are going through a growth spurt, and you can decide now how this plays out for you. Know that you can be both powerful and compassionate and choose love.
TAURUS: Communicate your vision, and use your voice this week, Taurus. This week for you is about starting anew and taking that first step toward communication. It's time to break the ice and bridge the gap from isolation toward connection. You are ready to make your voice heard and have confidence in doing so.
GEMINI: You are getting inspired this week, Gemini. This is the week to focus on your passions, your dreams, and the steps you have been taking. This week is about walking the walk and not just talking about it. You are a creative, visionary, spirit, and your perspective is unique and worthy because it is your own.
CANCER:  Dreams are coming true for you, and this is an emotionally fulfilling week, Cancer. This week is all about feeling the love and support in your life and giving this same energy back. Look how far you have come, enjoy the spaces you are finding yourself in this week, and be prepared for love to unfold for you.
LEO:  You are free, Leo. Communication channels are clearing for you this week, and you are overcoming previous obstacles in your life. This week is all about showing up, speaking on what you know, and creating space for others. You are a force to be reckoned with, and your charisma is inspiring. Believe in you.
VIRGO:  This week is all about balance, Virgo. You are finding your peace between the past, present, and future, and this week is a good time to ground your energy. It's okay to feel both nostalgic for what's been and inspired for what is to be- and it's okay to take the time you need to move through it. You are loved, Virgo.
LIBRA: Justice is on your side this week, and divine intervention is coming in for you, Libra. This is a week of fairness, balance, and allowing all perspectives to be heard. Lady Karma is making an appearance, and you are pleased with the results. This week is about trusting the process, and knowing you are supported.
SCORPIO:  Give yourself some grace this week, Scorpio. You are taking a look at where in your life you are feeling restricted, and how some of these burdens can be released once and for all. You are ready to see something more clearly this week, but you must be the one to take the blindfold off. It's time to free yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: Abundance is yours, Sag. This is a week of accomplishment, and enjoying the position you have found yourself in. Life is flourishing around you and you are financially seeing the results of this success. This is your week to honor your commitments and responsibilities, own your inner power, and allow blessings.
CAPRICORN:  Success is yours, and you are being recognized for the light that you are in this world, Capricorn. This week is about achievement, reaching important goals, and feeling support and appreciation in your life. You are being uplifted and feeling like the star of your own show. This is your week to shine.
AQUARIUS: It's time to move on, Aquarius. This week is about letting go of the past, healing, and choosing where you go from here. You are no longer willing to be in spaces that don't nourish you or reflect your heart, and you are making some important moves this week. You know what is best for you, you deserve healing.
PISCES:  Love is flowing through your world this week, Pisces. This is a week of emotional growth, support, and success. Relationships are thriving and you are in-tune with the people around you. You are a muse, Pisces, and you're shining your light right now. This is your week to give love and receive it, and just be.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about having faith. The key to the week is to keep an open perspective, and to not let forks in the road damper your success or your progress. The week begins with Mercury entering Taurus, and Mercury in this Earth Sign takes a slow and steady approach to life. Perspective is everything right now, and logic, patience, and trust thrive in this energy. Mid-week we have the Full Pink Moon of the year, and love is in the air. During this Libra Full Moon, balance is coming into play, and relationships are being seen in a new light. Love is how you value it, and this Full Moon is about gaining clarity of the energy you are putting into your relationships, and the energy you are receiving.


Apr. 3: Mercury enters Taurus

Apr. 5/6: Full Moon in Libra


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