Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 15 - Apr. 21

Weekly Horoscopes: Apr. 15 - Apr. 21

Energy of the Week:

This week is about liberation, clarity, and love. The week begins with a First Quarter Moon in Cancer on Monday, and it's time to overcome fears and ask yourself what your heart needs right now. Taurus Season begins on the 19th, and Venus energy is strong now as relationship matters develop and come full circle. Taurus Season is the time to treat yourself, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the riches of life. You are enough to do so. Juno goes Direct in Virgo at the end of the week, and the healing that love has been through, is showing its rewards. Juno Direct in Virgo brings relationship matters on more solid ground, and creates a space for understanding with others. 


Apr. 15: First Quarter Moon in Cancer

Apr. 19: Taurus Season begins

Apr. 21: Juno Direct in Virgo



Message of the Week:

ARIES: Bring things into balance this week, Aries. Take the past, present, and future, and create what you want to be. Life is reflecting to you where you current mindset is, and you have the power within you to change what hasn’t been working. This is a week of finding your synergy, Aries.

TAURUS: This week is a breath of fresh air, Taurus. Taurus Season officially begins mid-week, and with the Sun in your sign you are feeling enlivened. You are seeing yourself with a renewed, self-empowered vision, and taking those next steps towards your goals. You are loved, you are seen.

GEMINI: Focus on your intentions and manifestations this week, Gemini. Your mind is just as powerful as the actions you take, and this week is about getting in the right headspace that’s going to align you with your dreams. You are feeling inspired, creative, and are in-tune with your inner genius.

CANCER: Your heart is full, and you are free, Cancer. This is a week of receptivity, gratitude, and happiness as you step into your power and let yourself be. Authenticity is something you crave in others, and you are owning the words you speak. This is a good week for being more social, and having fun.

LEO: This week is showing you the power of your mind and your vision, Leo. You are seeing some positive outcomes as your intentions come to fruition and you find new courage in your heart. This week is about opening your mind, releasing fears, and not taking things too seriously. You are safe.

VIRGO: You are destined for greatness, Virgo, own it! This is a week of stepping deeper into your truth, and letting yourself be confident in who you are and how far you have come. You may get an opportunity to relax a little more this week, enjoy the moment and be open to receiving support.

LIBRA: This week is a new beginning for you and you are making progress, Libra. You have been setting your intentions and making new wishes, and it’s time for some of this energy to come true for you. Look out for inspiration in your life and know that this is just the start for you. Make moves, Libra.

SCORPIO: This week is all about perspective and turning things around, Scorpio. Life has felt like it’s been stuck in the same cycle as of late, but with the clarity you are gaining this week, you are seeing the beauty of something you hadn’t seen before. Enjoy this clarity and renewal you are in now.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s time to let go of what you have been fearing, Sagittarius. You are ready to move into greater self-trust and this can happen by creating new boundaries for those experiences that make you keep a wall up. You are learning more about yourself, and you are allowed to change your mind, Sag.

CAPRICORN: This week is about nourishing your world and the seeds you are planting right now, Capricorn. You have many things going on at once right now and you have been doing an amazing job of keeping things flowing. Remember to allow people to be there for you just as much as you are for them.

AQUARIUS: Your strength is needed this week as you overcome some new obstacles and efforts, Aquarius. You are moving mountains right now, yet enjoying this space of growth that you have found yourself in. A new beginning is coming into your life, and you are almost there. Don’t lose faith, Aquarius.

PISCES: It’s time to tap into your heart and discover what it is you yourself want and need right now, and what you know to be true, Pisces. Your intuition has been nudging you in the right direction, and the smoke is clearing in your life. This is a big week of seeing the truth of a situation, and evolving.

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