Weekly Horoscopes: Aug. 21 - Aug. 27

Weekly Horoscopes: Aug. 21 - Aug. 27

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This is a week of opportunity and hope for you, Aries. Dreams are coming true, magic is unfolding, and this is the time to believe that you are worthy of a miracle. Everything you have been working on and trying to make sense of is coming together and coming into your reality, and you're blessed.
TAURUS:  Your patience, your time, and your dignity is serving you well this week, Taurus. This week is all about nurturing what it is you are creating in your life right now, and showing yourself and others more love. Focus on what is becoming rather than what has left, and find your pace through the changes.
GEMINI:  This week is requiring more rest, self-love, and nurturing, Gemini. This is a good time to use your energy wisely, and give yourself more space to rejuvenate, heal, and regroup. You have been on the go, fueling your inner curiosities, and you need some time to process everything that's happened recently.
CANCER: Emotions are high, and you are feeling the love this week, Cancer. This is a supportive, fulfilling, and fun week for you; and you have everything you need and have been yearning for, around you. Count your blessings, focus on the joy that is around you, and let go of what doesn't serve. You are loved.
LEO:  This week has a nostalgic tone to it as your emotions take you on a journey from past, present, and future, Leo. You have been healing your inner child, bringing more joy and love into your life, and are taking it all in right now. Know that it can be just as good for you moving forward, and there is still time.
VIRGO:  Virgo Season begins this week, and it's your time to shine, Virgo! You are feeling inspired and ready for a fresh start right now. This is a good time to focus on your vision and what you are manifesting- but don't rush this process. Trust the path that is meant for you, dance, breathe, and show yourself love.
LIBRA:  You are claiming your abundance this week, Libra. Past efforts and intentions are coming to fruition now, and you are seeing the dreams you have been working on, manifest for you. Continue to stay in this energy of success and rebirth, and know that you deserve all the good that is coming your way.
SCORPIO:  A chapter closes, and you are allowed some time and space before moving forward again, Scorpio. This is a week of closure, culminations, and acceptance. You cannot change what has been, but you can intend for what happens now. Flowers will grow from what has been buried. You are free.
SAGITTARIUS:  Align with your inner strength and give yourself grace this week, Sag. You are coming to a turning point and some extra courage is needed right now. Know that you don't walk this world alone, and that you are supported by your angels. You have come so far, and there is still more beauty on the way.
CAPRICORN:  Celebrations are in store for you this week, as you experience a coming together in love, and with the people around you, Capricorn. You are emotionally moving through a time of growth, support, and positive recognition, and you are being reminded to celebrate this more. Love your life, and enjoy.
AQUARIUS:  You are both the muse and the artist this week, Aquarius. This is a week of growth in love and within relationships, and a time of feeling like you are being seen for the gift that you are. Life is mirroring back to you what you are feeling within, and remember that when you see good, it's coming from there too.
PISCES:  Protect your energy and honor your intuition this week, Pisces. You are gifted within divine senses and a connection to the universe that is stronger than most. This week, you are being asked to use this strength and to create boundaries where needed. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Trust yourself.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about inner stability and allowing grace. There are a lot of major changes happening this week with Virgo Season and Mercury Retrograde beginning on the same day, the 23rd. Virgo Season this year is overall a time to get it together. When the Sun is in Virgo we are more motivated and helpful, but we can also be more critical as well. Patience is needed, but if you are grounding your energy and focusing on the here and now, this will overall be a time of harvest for you. Mercury will be Retrograde in Virgo until Sep. 15, and communication should be taken into higher consideration. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo so this Mercury Retrograde will feel a little more inspiring than most. Overall, don't forget the details, hold off on making permanent decisions if possible, and use this time to cleanse and create space. Mars enters Libra before the week ends, and Mars in Libra will be helping us find balance and beauty in the transformations that are occurring. This week is a stepping stone.


Aug. 23: Virgo Season begins

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Aug. 24: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Aug 27: Mars enters Libra


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