Weekly Horoscopes: Aug. 29 - Sep. 4

Weekly Horoscopes: Aug. 29 - Sep. 4

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Remember the cycles of life, and that things are always changing, Aries. If there is one constant in life, that is change. Find your ground within what you are grateful for, and get inspired by your passion and dignity. You are worthy, you are stronger than you know, and all will work out for the best, Aries.
TAURUS:  Wishes are coming true, and there is a lot to be happy and proud about this week, Taurus. Embrace the emotional gifts that are here for you now, and share the love. This is a week of intentions coming to fruition that your heart has been trying to manifest, and the bigger picture is coming into view right now.
GEMINI:  This is a week of progress for you, Gemini. The scales are tipping, and there is a sense of gaining some new ground right now. Less obstacles are in the way to your goals, and you get to walk forward feeling a little more free. Remember to choose your paths wisely, and be your own leader right now, Gemini.
CANCER: This week is all about perspective, Cancer. The more you can remain hopeful and focus on the gifts of the present moment, the less any other stuff can get in the way of your peace of mind. Ask your angels and guides for help this week and seek guidance where necessary. You are not alone, you are healing.
LEO:  Patience and gratitude are necessary this week, Leo. This week is all about trusting the process, and that things are working out for you regardless of how fast you feel they are moving. Everything happens when the timing is right, and you don't want to miss the present, focusing too much on the future, Leo.
VIRGO:  This week is about releasing your grasp on how you think things should be, and embracing the beauty of where they are now, Virgo. You are not losing, you are growing. It's time to let go a bit more and make space for some new energy in your life. Have confidence in what is becoming, and walk with grace.
LIBRA:  You are feeling the empowerment in your life this week, Libra. This week you are showing yourself how far you have come, and all of the magic you have attained in the process. You have the Midas Touch, and are creating some fortunate circumstances for yourself this week. Align with your power.
SCORPIO:  This is a fruitful week for you, Scorpio. Abundance is calling, and the universe wants to gift you with some financial blessings and growth. This week is all about knowing your power in life and that your gifts and who you are deserve to be recognized and supported accordingly. Open up to receive a blessing.
SAGITTARIUS:  Inspiration, passion, and courage are flowing through your world this week, Sagittarius. The new beginnings that have been appearing for you are serving your spirit well, and you are leading yourself and loved ones forward right now. Continue on the path you are on, and expand your horizons as well, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  Everything is coming together and elevating for you this week, Capricorn. You are feeling the personal empowerment in your life, and like you are in the place you want to be. Others are looking up to you right now, as you lead the way. You are the creator of your reality, and your magic is showing through.
AQUARIUS:  This week is all about speaking your mind with clarity, Aquarius. Focus on what is making sense for you and keep things clear this week. You are cutting through any bs, letting the excess go, and communicating with others. Remember to not spend too much time looking behind you, when there is so much ahead.
PISCES:  This is a week of working together with others, and creating something beautiful and new. Team work makes the dream work and this week is all about connection and collaboration. You are worthy of the gifts that are coming through for you, remember that and don't self-sabotage the gifts that are here.

Energy of the Week:

This is an awakening and inspiring week. The clarity is coming in, and it's changing the direction of some experiences moving forward. Remember to find your balance between the heart and the mind this week, and make sure you are open to the gifts that are coming through. Remember that your manifestations don't always come about how you expect them, but if you can trust the universe and yourself, they will turn out even better than you could have even thought of yourself. This sense of trust is important this week as things change around you. Open your heart to receiving clarity, growth, and a miracle.


Sep. 3: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius


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