Weekly Horoscopes: Aug. 7 - Aug. 13

Weekly Horoscopes: Aug. 7 - Aug. 13

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Dreams are coming true for you this week, Aries. This is an eye-opening time for you, and one where you are pleasantly surprised with the opportunities and blessings that are coming into your world right now. You have been hoping for some positive change in your life and it's coming this week.
TAURUS: Move forward freely, and claim your passions this week, Taurus. You are experiencing a rebirth in your life, and you have more energy at your disposal right now. Paths are paving, new doors are opening, and you are inspiring others in the process. Have fun with where life is taking you this week.
GEMINI: Abundance is yours, Gemini. You hold the key to your success right now, and you are seeing which doors it fits. Life has been blooming, and you are tuning into the areas of your life in which you are thriving. This is a week of taking care of business, creating abundance, and manifesting your goals.
CANCER: This week is all about taking a moment to breathe, rest, and be patient before moving forward again, Cancer. Changes to plans are likely this week, and you are overall getting the opportunity to regroup and see the paths before you before deciding where you truly want to go. You are protected.
LEO: This week is a breath of fresh air, Leo. You are feeling passionate, inspired, and creative, and you are meeting your success. Everything is coming together, and you are noticing the beauty in what you have created for yourself and your life. Shine your light, own your truths, and soak in the happiness.
VIRGO: Abundance is your birthright, Virgo. You are stepping into your power, owning your determination, and finding your ground. This week you are focused on your finances, and are experiencing positive growth here to be proud of. You are being seen as the successful, beautiful, & worthy soul you are.
LIBRA: Your guidance for the week is to open your mind and communicate your vision, Libra. New information is coming into your life this week, and it's allowing new perspectives to be born. This time in your life is all about finding your voice, moving through past confusions, and seeing things clearly.
SCORPIO: This week is a new beginning for you, but it may be arriving faster than expected, Scorpio. You are receiving divine guidance, but the messages are ones you are recognizing you have been missing for a while. Give your heart grace, gather your resources, and look for the missing piece of the puzzle.
SAGITTARIUS: Allow the truth to come to the surface and to set you free in the process, Sagittarius. You are ready for a breakthrough, and this week, through the communication that is had, you are moving through a fresh start. Your wisdom, inspiration, and potential are all highlighted this week, and life is expanding.
CAPRICORN: This week is all about working together with others, using your skills, and getting things done, Capricorn. Life is putting you in a position to connect, collaborate, and spend some time creating something that is going to benefit the whole. You are rising to the top of your abundance, and life is unfolding.
AQUARIUS: Everything is coming together for you this week, and you are getting the full picture right now, Aquarius. There is beauty and hope in the air for you, and you are recognizing your strength. You are past the shaky waters, and moving into a clearing where there is more ease and beautiful life to enjoy.
PISCES: Protect your energy and trust your instincts this week, Pisces. This week is a reminder to not give up right before it starts to get really good for you, and to know that there is strength in your softness. Appropriate boundaries may need to be made, but your grace and self-understanding will remain intact.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about allowing abundance. This is a week that can be very fruitful for many, and it begins with recognizing that you are worthy of a win in the first place. There is something magical in the air this week, and it begins with the Lions Gate Portal at it's most powerful on 8.8. The Lion's Gate Portal opened on July 23 and is impactful until August 12. This is a time of the year where doors open, manifestations are made, and everything that seemed impossible, becomes something to believe in. A Last Quarter Moon in Taurus also occurs this week, signifying the theme with abundance, values, financial freedom, and stability. This week is bringing in an opening, and it's time to enjoy the successes you have and that are coming into your life at this time.


Aug. 8: Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

Lion's Gate Portal

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