Weekly Horoscopes for December

Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 11 - Dec. 17

Energy of the Week:

This week is an awakening. There is a lot to look forward to right now, but there is also the sense that more time is needed. The week begins with a Sagittarius New Moon in the midst of Sagittarius Season, and good energy is flowing at the beginning of the week. Emotional worlds are expanding, and dreams are coming true. The following day, Mercury goes Retrograde until January 1st, and it's best to hold off new year intentions until next year. This Mercury Retro will begin in Capricorn and end in Sagittarius, and the two parts to this transit are both here to help us gain clarity, inspiration and new ground.

Dec. 12: New Moon in Sagittarius

Dec. 13: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn



Message of the Week:

ARIES: Look for inspiration this week, Aries. This week is about getting excited about what’s ahead of you, and starting to put these plans into motion. One thing leads to another, and your positive intentions are leading you to victory. Remember to have fun along the way, and to do things that feel good.
TAURUS:  The power is in your hands, Taurus. This is a passionate and successful week for you as you step up to your own inner power and strengths, and create magic in your life. This week is the start of something new, but it’s also been a long time coming. Live in your truth, and manifest your dreams, Taurus.
GEMINI:  You will know if it’s worth it or not to fight against something that you want for yourself, and this week is about assessing that within, Gemini. Don’t give up on yourself or your ambitions, but don’t allow yourself to shrink to others in the process. Re-group, re-rethink your plan, and stand tall.
CANCER:  You are rising above and opening your mind to new perspectives this week, Cancer. You are ready to move into some new spaces and new environments, and you are leaving behind what’s felt stagnant in your life. This is your week to set intentions, communicate, and own your freedom, Cancer.
LEO: Trust your gut instincts this week and what your intuition is telling you right now, Leo. The difference between fear and intuition, is self-doubt. Walk in your integrity this week and allow others to do the same-or not, knowing who you are is still in tact. A door of truth is opening for you this week, Leo.
VIRGO:  This week is a fresh start for you in many ways, Virgo. Although your ruling planet Mercury is going Retrograde this week, you are feeling a new sense of inspiration and creativity right now. Look forward to a new beginning in your life, have fun with loved ones, and connect to the inner spark wanting to fly!
LIBRA:  All eyes on you this week, Libra! You are showing up and showing out and there is a light of inspiration flowing down on you. You are finding yourself in balance with life and those around you, and are living in your truth. Continue to claim your energy and your accomplishments, and believe in yourself.
SCORPIO: This week you are focused on the vision and where the future stands, Scorpio. You are looking for a new beginning, but need some more time to plan your next steps. Don’t focus too much on what’s ahead of you that you miss your grounding in the present, but know these dreams are with you for a reason.
SAGITTARIUS: A New Moon in your sign at the beginning of the week signifies a good week to set intentions, but Mercury going Retro the following day, is also saying tread carefully. This week is about putting in the work, retracing your steps, and unfolding to the truth of all that you are capable of, Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN:  Things are turning around for you this week, Capricorn. The tone is shifting, and you are having fun with the move of energy happening. You’ve been looking for a little spice in your and with Mercury going Retro in your sign this week- you are getting it. Have fun with change, and own your successes.
AQUARIUS:  Your heart is opening to a new beginning this week, Aquarius. Get excited about what’s possible for you in love and take the reins here more. Things are coming together for you this week, and the synchronicity is hard to miss. Communicate from the heart, and allow the love you are feeling to heal the mind.
PISCES:  Things are moving quickly this week, Pisces. Opportunities are appearing in your life, and they are following through better than expected. You are feeling a burning passion and you want to see where this spark of inspiration takes you. Know that as you move forward, you are supported in every step.


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