Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 18 - Dec. 24

Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 18 - Dec. 24

Energy of the Week:

This week is about a new perspective. The week begins with the Moon in Pisces and a First Quarter Moon in this Water Sign on the 19th. The beginning of the week is a good time to take action on the things you have been feeling through, and to make the decisions that resonate with your heart. Vesta Retrograde enters Gemini on the 20th, and the focus turns to the mind, as this is where the healing is taking place, and where some extra compassion is needed. Capricorn Season begins mid-week, and we move into Earth Sign energy as 2023 comes to a close. Capricorn Season is a time where manifestations appear, stability is gained, and logic is favored. Mercury Retrograde moves out of Capricorn and enters Sagittarius at the end of the week, and this is bringing adventure a whole new meaning.


Dec. 19: First Quarter Moon in Pisces

Dec. 20: Vesta Retrograde enters Gemini

Dec. 21: Capricorn Season begins

Dec. 23: Mercury Retrograde enters Sagittarius



Message of the Week:

ARIES This is a fruitful week for you, Aries. Your harvest is here, and there is a lot of abundance and joy to soak in right now. Honor what you have created and manifested for yourself, and look forward for more to come. Your intentions are coming to fruition, and you have made good decisions for yourself.
TAURUS:  You are moving on and moving forward into peace this week, Taurus. There has been some emotional upheaval in your life recently, and you have discovered where the source is coming from. This week you are ready to choose yourself again and to claim the peace and safeness that you so deserve right now.
GEMINI:  This week is about release, Gemini. There are some attachments that have become more unhealthy for you than fulfilling, and it’s time to examine what has been serving you and what has been restricting you. Mental health and clarity is what this week is about for you, and you are overcoming fears.
CANCER:  You are shining in your truth and in your vulnerability this week, Cancer. This week is about believing in the impossible, and taking chance on a miracle. You have support coming in for you right now, and this blessing is going to be felt over the next few months. Keep your hopes and intentions high.
LEO: This week is all about the direction you are headed right now, Leo. You are ready to take off on the things that are inspiring you, and you are taking initiative this week. Life is full of potential, you are bold, and things are heating up for you, Leo. Move forward with confidence and don’t doubt yourself.
VIRGO: Success is yours to claim this week, Virgo. This week is a time of victory, as you lift yourself up and celebrate all you have accomplished this year. You are looking forward to the gifts of the future that you can already sense now, and are also enjoying where the magic is flowing right towards you today.
LIBRA:  There are a few different options and paths opening up to you, Libra. You are at a place in your life where the decisions you make now, have a lot of impact as to where you go. You’ve been thinking over things logically, and this week you are being asked to drop into the heart, and gain clarity here.
SCORPIO:  This week is about communicating, speaking from the heart, and living in your truth, Scorpio. You are thinking clearly and are focused on expressing yourself. Through the wisdom you have gained, this week is an opportunity for you to be honest with yourself and another. Make space for clarity this week.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a powerful week for you, Sag. You are feeling in-tune with your inner power and the successes you are moving into right now, and the patience you have had is creating abundance in your life. Mercury Retro enters your sign this week, but you are prepared for anything and hoping for love.
CAPRICORN:  Capricorn Season begins this week, and it’s your time to shine, beautiful Capricorn! This week is all about gaining some new foundations, feeling safe and secure with where you are in life, and enjoying quality time with loved ones. You have built a net of support around you, and are building your dream now.
AQUARIUS:  This week you are in your feels, and moving through the emotions that are being brought to the surface right now, Aquarius. Some things are coming to fruition for you this week, but through this closure you are getting a new beginning. Protect your energy, and follow your intuition.
PISCES:  This week is a new beginning for you and your heart is open to what’s ahead of you, Pisces. You have learned a lot about love this year, and most importantly, you have learned the importance of loving yourself unconditionally. You are ready to experience more connection and romance this week.


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Spot on as always for the entire family, close relatives and our marriage; for suns, moons and risings. 💗 Idk how you do it. Your astrological knowledge and intuition surpass anyone else I know and follow on social media. Always. 🤯 I delete more and more of the others every week lol. Only you always come through. 🙌

Melanie Casteel

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