Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 19 - Dec. 25

Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 19 - Dec. 25

Message of the Week: 

ARIESThis week is a time of reflection and a time to regroup, Aries. Review the motives of others and define the way forward from here. When you can trust your gut instincts and what your intuition is telling you, you become more powerful. The smoke and mirrors are clearing, and truth is coming forth, Aries.
TAURUS: You are on top of it this week, Taurus. This week is about standing in your empowerment and continuing on the path to success. Life is always changing, as are people as individuals, and you are learning to flow with these changes rather than fight them, and to find your power in the present moment.
GEMINI: Options, options, options! This week is a time of recognizing the difference between curiosity that stems from inspiration and curiosity that stems from boredom. Weigh your options carefully, and choose with intent. You have a lot on your plate right now, and prioritizing will serve well this week, Gemini.
CANCER: This is a week of emotional fulfillment and positive resolutions, Cancer. With a New Moon in your opposite sign this week, you are seeing new beginnings in love and are getting a second chance for emotional connection. This week is a time of balancing gratitude with manifestation. Make a wish, Cancer!
LEO: This is a week of change and letting go of the past, Leo. It's easier to think things were better in hindsight, but there is still so much for you to create today. Focus on healing the inner child, getting emotional nourishment, and letting go. This week is bringing in a change of pace for you that is much needed.
VIRGO: You are free, Virgo, and this week is about recognizing that truth. Ask yourself this week, "Where in my life am I holding myself back right now?" Then accept, let it go, and set your intentions for moving forward. This is a week of breaking barriers and getting into a better mental space and heart.
LIBRA: You are finding your balance right now, Libra. This week is about focusing on the things that are worth your time and energy, and not feeling bad about letting go of the things that are not right now. You need time to regain your strength and energy, and this week is a time of taking care of yourself.
SCORPIO: Work-life, creativity, and collaboration is the energy of the week for you, Scorpio. This week is all about weaving the divine story together and creating your dreams. Look out for people in your life or coming in that can support you in fulfilling your overall goals, and those that have the same vision of success as you.
SAGITTARIUS: This week is all about spiritual growth, Sagittarius. As Sag Season comes to a close this week, you are taking the lessons you have learned over the past month, and walking a new path right now. Change can feel daunting, but you are being reminded this week that you are supported along the way.
CAPRICORN: Capricorn Season begins, and there is a New Moon in your sign this week, however, you are looking for rest and space to heal more than anything right now. This week is a time to take a pause and to ground your energy in the present before moving forward again. The revelations you are receiving are important.
AQUARIUS: Clarity is there, your self-empowerment is intact, and there is no turning back now, Aquarius. This week is about communicating your truths, living free, and creating clear boundaries in your life where needed. You are divinely protected as you face some challenges once and for all, and let go of that chapter.
PISCES: This is a week of opening your heart to the possibilities of a new day, Pisces. You have gotten yourself out of some challenging experiences this year, and have created the space for new energy. This week is about seeing new opportunities for love and connection coming in, and about giving yourself love, too.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about letting the sparks fly! The week begins with Jupiter moving out of Pisces into Aries, where it will finish it's transit until 2023. Jupiter's move into Aries is especially good energy for Fire placements and Cardinal Signs, and is overall a time of independence, strength, creativity, and freedom. Capricorn Season begins the next day, and our goals in life become bigger picture. Capricorn Season is all about celebrating opportunity, putting the work in, and showing up. At the end of the week, Chiron goes Direct in Aries on the same day of the Capricorn New Moon after being Retrograde since July, and space for healing becomes present. This is overall a week of letting go of challenges, and seeing the path toward recovery, happiness, and success.

Dec. 20: Jupiter enters Aries

Dec. 21: Capricorn Season begins

Dec. 23: Chiron Direct in Aries

New Moon in Capricorn

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