Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 25 - Dec. 31

Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 25 - Dec. 31

Energy of the Week:

This week is about healing. The week begins with a Full Moon in Cancer and Chiron going Direct in Aries. The heart is being reborn, and healing is taking place. This week is a time to let go of anything that weighed heavy on you this year, and to see what you wish for your heart now. Venus enters Sagittarius on Dec. 29, and love is going on an adventure. Before the week ends and the year comes to a close, Jupiter goes Direct in Taurus after being Retrograde since September, and blessings that have been stalled, are ready to re-appear. Even though Mercury is still in Retrograde, the new beginnings that want to take place, are still breaking through. This week is a closure, a healing, and a forging of a new path forward.


Dec. 26: Full Moon in Cancer

Chiron Direct in Aries

Dec. 29: Venus enters Sagittarius

Dec. 30: Jupiter Direct in Taurus




Message of the Week:

ARIES: This week is about letting go of what was, and moving into a new day, Aries. You are letting go of something that has been weighing heavily on you, and are being guided to examine the many different paths ahead of you. You are seeing things logically, but may need to ask your heart for guidance now.
TAURUS:  This week is a change of energy, as you feel safer in your environment and your position in life. You have had to fight for the things you love and want, but as the year comes to and end you are letting go of the hurt and have found your peace. This week is all about flow rather than force, Taurus.
GEMINI:  Gather your strength, and don’t look back this week, Gemini. This week is about owning the mountains you have climbed and determining what path forward is going to make you the happiest right now. You are forging a new beginning for yourself, and are protected and supported as you do so.
CANCER:  This week is about living in your truths, and celebrating all that you have moved through this year, Cancer. You are feeling a sense of satisfaction and success as the year comes to a close, and you are looking ahead with hope and optimism. A helping hand is coming in, and you are being ushered forward.
LEO:   This week is all about healing the heart, and mending what’s been broken, Leo. You need some extra rest and downtime when possible, and need some time to really think through what has occurred. Remember this is just one season, and a light will break through the clouds when it’s ready to.
VIRGO: With a Full Moon this week, it’s time to let go, and for you this means letting go of the perspectives that restrict rather than empower, Virgo. Overthinking is a burden you shouldn’t always bear, and you are seeking peace this week. Protect your energy, relax the mind, and let go of the mental fog.
LIBRA:  You are breaking through this week and moving forward to a new beginning fearlessly, Libra. You are on the right path, but make sure to remember not rush too much to where you miss all the good stuff. Focus on your intentions, and be creative with what you are forging for yourself right now, Libra.
SCORPIO:  You have been seeing things clearly, and have been communicating effectively, Scorpio. This week is about further enhancing this energy, and rising above the unnecessary. You are moving into a space of power and freedom, are in tune with your higher self, and have honored your boundaries.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is about trusting your intuition and the guidance of your soul, Sagittarius. Where things haven’t been feeling right, you may need to re-examine again and find the source of this discomfort. Listen to your body and what it’s telling you, and protect your energy. You know what is best for you, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  This is a week of empowerment, stability, and strength, Capricorn. You are owning where you are and what wisdom you have gathered, and this week is about giving yourself permission to stay still and enjoy it. You are a powerful force, and you are being recognized as such this week, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS:  Your guidance for the week is to focus on where your strengths are right now, and where you want to let go more in the new year, Aquarius. You are learning how to release your hold on the things you are afraid to lose, giving yourself and what you want more freedom to bloom. You are worthy.
PISCES:  This week is an opening of the heart, and a new beginning, Pisces. You are emotionally feeling in-tune and in harmony with where things are, and there is a lot of love to give and receive right now. Speak from the heart, clear the air, and trust where your heart is leading you. You are safe to love, Pisces.


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