Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 5 - Dec. 11

Weekly Horoscopes: Dec. 5 - Dec. 11

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  Abundance is on its way to you this week, Aries. This is a week of feeling fulfillment on many different levels of your life and feeling like things have been coming together for you one by one. Remember to keep hold of the vision of success that you have for yourself right now, and to open up to receive it, Aries.
TAURUS:  This week is a time of moving away and moving on, Taurus. You are taking this week as an opportunity to regroup and let go of some of the things and people who have been holding you back. As the year come to an end, you have had some important revelations and the clarity you have is life-changing.
GEMINI:  The power is in your hands, Gemini. You have everything you need within you to create success in your life, and you are switching things up for the better right now. With the last Full Moon of 2022 happening in Gemini this week, the spotlight is on you right now and you have all the right to shine, beautiful!
CANCER:  Love is the main theme for you this week, Cancer. This week is a recognition of the power you hold in life when you take the love within you and the love you have for yourself seriously, and when you find that balance within. Your relationships are an extension of yourself, and this week is about coming together.
LEO:  The passion has been ignited in your life, Leo. This week is all about creating your own story and your own path, and about doing what feels right for you no matter if others don't quite understand that yet. You see where you are headed clearly, don't wait for others to see your vision too. Get inspired.
VIRGO: More good energy flows into your world this week, Virgo. There has been a need to put yourself out there more to allow others to give you that support and recognition you may not be looking for, but that will give you an extra boost of love that you need. Remember you are loved for exactly who you are today.
LIBRA:  This week is a week of becoming, Libra. With a Full Moon happening in a fellow Air Sign this week, you are overall flowing well with the energy of the week, however, some more patience is needed on your end right now. Let things unfold and stand in confidence that you have done what you can.
SCORPIO: Something powerful is blooming in your life right now, Scorpio. Time has truly meant everything to you this year and you've been considering yours wisely. What you have been bringing to fruition is coming full circle this week, and you get to enjoy some of the luxuries that come with patience and nurturing.
SAGITTARIUS:  This week is all about finding your balance between the giving and receiving in your life, Sagittarius. You have found a good middle ground and can see everything around you with more clarity because of it. Remember that how you treat yourself shows an example to others of how to do the same, Sag.
CAPRICORN:  This week is about standing your ground on what is important to you, Capricorn. Boundaries aren't created to keep us away from others, rather they are created to filter out what serves our energy and what keeps us away from it. This week is about standing in your empowerment, and not giving up on the truth.
AQUARIUS:  Life is unfolding in magical ways for you this week, Aquarius. You have good synergy right now and have truly found your center. This week is about watching happy outcomes appear in your world, and about taking moments out for gratitude, appreciation, and some laughter. Enjoy your life, Aquarius.
PISCES:  The past is appearing in your present, and it's up to you to decide what you want in your future, and what you want to let go of once and for all, Pisces. There is some nostalgia flowing through your world right now, and it's putting you in the feels. Acknowledge what's coming up, but don't attach yourself to it.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about acceptance, love, and fulfillment. There is a lot of joy flowing through the world this week and plenty of opportunities for happy experiences. Sagittarius Season always has a habit of being exceptionally beautiful, and the weight is lifted off our shoulders for the time being. This week begins with Mercury entering Capricorn, and Mercury in this Earth Sign is focused on building something beautiful, purposeful, and stable. The last Full Moon of 2022 is also occurring this week, and that is the Full Cold Moon in Gemini on Dec. 7. With Mars currently Retrograde in Gemini, this Full Moon is inspiring for letting go of what you don't want to bring with you into the new year. Take a look at your energy, when it feels scattered, when it feels centered, and who is around you during those times. This Full Moon is about letting go of what doesn't resonate with your soul. Before the week comes to a close, Venus enters Capricorn and love is about giving and receiving in harmony. Find your passion, live your purpose, and love wholeheartedly.



Dec. 6: Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec. 7: Full Moon in Gemini

Dec. 9: Venus enters Capricorn


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