Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 12 - Feb. 18

Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 12 - Feb. 18

Energy of the Week:

This week is about overcoming obstacles. The week begins with Mars entering Aquarius, and this energy brings in more community, connection, and conversation. People are more geared towards connecting and collaborating in this energy, and this is a good time to network and meet new people. Mid-week we have a First Quarter Moon in Taurus, and this is a good time to take action on any financial goals you have been pondering over, or taking your commitments more seriously. Venus enters Aquarius on the same day where she will be until March 11, and Venus in Aquarius has fun in love and takes on a more "go with the flow" approach here. Love and relationship matters this week are about connecting with like-minded souls and learning something new in the process. At the end of the week Pisces Season officially begins, and the Sun moves into this dreamy, emotional, and intuitive water sign. Overall, this week is an opportunity at a new beginning.

Feb. 13: Mars enters Aquarius

Feb. 16: First Quarter Moon in Taurus
Venus enters Aquarius

Feb. 18: Pisces Season begins



Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Good luck favors you this week and there is a lot of fortunate energy flowing through your world, Aries. This week is about having fun, and living in gratitude for the gains you are receiving now. Get excited about what’s coming to fruition for you and own your abundance, Aries.

TAURUS: This week is about having courage, and taking action on your intentions, Taurus. Bring forth that fierce power within you, and take on the things you were once afraid to do. When you take a leap of faith on yourself, you’ll see the support in your life you couldn’t see before, more clearly.

GEMINI:  This is a week of harvest and nourishment, Gemini. You are counting your blessings and preparing for new ones to enter. There is something divine about the magic you are in this week; pay attention to the synchronicity and those little messages of hope and love. It’s getting better from here.

CANCER: This week is about tapping into your receptive power, Cancer. There is true strength in going with the flow and allowing what you want to come to you without force. You are in a good space to receive that which you’ve been looking forward to. Believe you are worthy of love, Cancer.

LEO: You are feeling the passion in your life this week and you have a lot of energy within you to get things done. This is an active week and one where you are taking intentional action on your goals and intentions. Protect your power by trusting yourself, your wisdom, and where you feel called to go, Leo.

VIRGO: You are healing, you are manifesting, and you are connecting this week, Virgo. This is an important week of creation as things come together for you and make more sense than before. You are expanding your world and growing in your relationships. This week brings you peace.

LIBRA: This week is about emotional regulation and taking more time to relax and ease your mind, Libra. A lot is coming to the surface for you this week, and you need time to sort through all the emotions that are coming up because of it. You are turning a page, let go of the past right now, Libra.

SCORPIO: Gifts of love are coming in for you this week, Scorpio and this is an emotionally fulfilling time for you as you let go of what’s been keeping you away from deeper connection and receptivity. You are moving through a cleanse in your life, and have created the space for more love to enter. All is well.

SAGITTARIUS: Open your heart to the love that is flowing through you and to you this week, Sagittarius. Relationship developments are taking place and you are experiencing the blessings of your dreams answered. Life is meant to be one with more ease than pain and you are opening up to this flow and love now.

CAPRICORN: This week is about understanding yourself and your current world better, Capricorn. Read between the lines, and don’t take things too personally right now as misunderstandings are more likely for you. Your guidance for the week is to find your power, gain new ground, and focus on a new door.

AQUARIUS: There is a nice coming together happening in your life this week, and you are seeing some blessings in disguise, Aquarius. Life is answering to you some intentions once placed, and you are seeing a turn of events happen. You deserve these blessings, wisdom, and transformations.

PISCES: Communicate from the heart, and listen to the messages that are coming in right now as well, Pisces. This week is about making connections, self-expression, and diving deeper into the things that are important to you. There is a nice balance in your life this week, and you are feeling free.

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