Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 26 - Mar. 3

Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 26 - Mar. 3

Energy of the Week:

This week is about being resourceful. After the eye-opening and healing Virgo Full Moon, this week is an opportunity to settle down, grasp the present moment, and release anything before moving forward. Remain open to what is possible for you, and what you can do with what you have right now. The power of faith is strong this week, and the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius happening on March 3, is a reminder of that. This week is all about finding your balance and power here in the present moment.


Mar. 3: Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius



Message of the Week: 

ARIES: This is a week of rebirth for you, Aries. You are uncovering life’s mysteries, and moving through a contemplative time right now. This week is all about tapping into your purpose, your power, and your dedication for life, and letting your light shine through. You know more than you think, Aries.

TAURUS: This week is about protecting your energy and knowing you are supported as you create some new plans for yourself, Taurus. You have been through loss and you have also experienced wins, and it’s what you do with what has occurred that will set the tone for your future. Set the tone.

GEMINI:  A weight is being lifted off your shoulders, and you are free, Gemini. This week is about rising above previous worries and concerns, and seeing the truth of your existence. People cannot hold you back if you don’t let them, and it’s time to do what makes you happy without the judgment of others.

CANCER: This week is all about reciprocity, Cancer. You have done what you needed to do, trust what’s becoming is better than what has been. You are someone who is always giving, but may not notice how valuable what you give is. Tap into the heart space, and know that your gifts are needed.

LEO: Give yourself a little more love this week, Leo. Be kind to your growing heart, and the intentions you are looking to see bloom in your life. It’s time to be honest about how you are feeling, so that you don’t have to mask what needs to be seen. Being vulnerable is powerful, and you are loved.

VIRGO: Everything happens exactly as it is meant to, and it’s all starting to make sense to you right now, Virgo. Trust your power as the creator of your life, and use your insight to create new experiences and connections. You are in sync, you are ready, and a new beginning is coming, Virgo.

LIBRA: What could you do or let go of right now, that will make you feel more balanced and stable, Libra? This week is about getting honest on where you have been feeling the resistance in your life, and what choices can you make now that will help you feel more liberated, free, and happy.

SCORPIO: Emotions are flowing, and there is a lot to process this week, Scorpio. You are moving with the currents of your life, and surrendering to the good that wants to be seen. This week is about accepting where things are, and having faith that what you are doing now will lead you to even better.

SAGITTARIUS: Know yourself, Sag. This week is about getting closer to your mind, heart, and soul, and expressing yourself freely and confidently. You are the muse and the artist, and this week is about showing up for the gifts and wisdom that are presenting themselves. Focus on you a little more right now.

CAPRICORN: Let things come full circle, and focus on letting go of any lingering friction in your life, Capricorn. You have given so much, and sometimes you need to wait a little longer to receive, rather than give some more. You don’t need to be anyone else to deserve love, understanding, and peace.

AQUARIUS: Resolutions are coming into your life this week, and they are allowing you to take a breather, slow down, and connect to the heart space, Aquarius. Life has been teaching you recently that you shouldn’t have to hide what makes you unique, for the comfort of others. Let all of who you are, be.

PISCES: Abundance is falling into place for you this week, Pisces. This is a freeing, surprising, and lucky time for you, and there is a lot to cherish and be grateful for. You are coming full circle, soaking in the beauty of your life, and giving and receiving freely. The Sun is in your sign, and you are shining.


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