Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 27 - Mar. 5

Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 27 - Mar. 5

Message of the Week: 

ARIES Find your balance, Aries. This week is all about understanding the importance of change and transition, and honoring a new cycle in your life. Know that what has been lost will be repaired into something better for you and that this week is a good time to focus on letting go and preparing for a new way forward.
TAURUS: There is a clearing happening for you this week, Taurus. This is a week of gathering your strength and continuing forward one step at a time. The path ahead can feel daunting right now, but as you continue to take one step forward, you see that it isn't as challenging as you thought. You have what it takes, Taurus.
GEMINI:  Open up to something new right now, Gemini. This is a week of gaining a new perspective and understanding that some things aren't always what they seem to be. Trust your instincts, don't shy away from the truth, and know that what's happening now is leading you to more freedom, clarity, and pleasure.
CANCER:  This week is a game-changer for you, Cancer. The tables are turning and you are recognizing where the true gifts are in your life right now. Even though life can get a little messy at times and chaos can cloud your vision, you are still able to take the wins and losses in balance, and are finding your peace.
LEO: This week is all about giving yourself grace and healing your inner child, Leo. Some past dreams, experiences, and insights are coming to the forefront right now and things are coming full circle for you. There is a breakthrough happening as you address what needs to be healed and allow yourself happiness.
VIRGO:  See yourself in the same light you wish others to see you, Virgo. This week is all about being raw, vulnerable, and open about who you are and what you are moving through. Know that you are loved in all your perfections and imperfections and that sometimes showing up is all it takes. Feel things through, Virgo.
LIBRA:  You are overcoming what has been and seeing the light within your current reality, Libra. This week is about commitment and devoting yourself to what matters to you. Take note of the connections and relationships you have been building and clear the way for more progress and less drama here, Libra.
SCORPIO:  This is a week of community and a coming together, Scorpio. You are seeing the beauty in your life and are connecting the dots to some important insights. This is your week to trust your process, get creative, and overcome. Previous obstacles are clearing from your life, and there is positive progression now.
SAGITTARIUS:  Clarity is blooming, Sagittarius. This week is all about getting some time away, going within, and learning more about yourself. You are connecting to your spirituality and honoring your wisdom. When you trust the divine timing of your life, miracles happen, and that's the energy you are in this week.
CAPRICORN:  Love is here, Capricorn. This is a week of emotional renewal, happiness, and peace. You are feeling content with where things are in life right now, and there are some pleasant surprises in store for you. Find your balance within your mind and your heart, and enjoy the simple moments of bliss coming.
AQUARIUS: Perspective is everything, Aquarius. This week is about clearing any facades that have been disrupting your truth, and about noticing the new doors that are opening for you right now. Know that you are not stuck, you may just be looking in the wrong direction. Figure out what aligns with you, then go there.
PISCES:  This is a week of dreams coming true and prayers being answered, Pisces. You have been clearing away what doesn't resonate with your peace of mind and are moving mountains. There are a lot of things happening in your life this week, but there is so much to be grateful for and you are feeling that love.

Energy of the Week:

This week is all about trusting your intuition. With a First Quarter Moon in Gemini happening at the start of the week, some important decisions are being made and they may not be the ones most expected. Gemini is wildcard energy and there are some surprises in store this week. Focus on where you are, what brings you the most happiness, and what truly matter to you in order to stay grounded. Change is happening, new worlds are being created, and perspective is everything.

Feb. 27: First Quarter Moon in Gemini

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