Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 5 - Feb. 11

Weekly Horoscopes: Feb. 5 - Feb. 11

Energy of the Week:

This week is about moving forward. There is a lot going on in the sky this week, and even more going on within the heart. The week begins with Mercury entering Aquarius, and communication channels becoming clearer. Mercury in Aquarius speaks authentically, and there is a lot of inspiration in the air while Mercury is here until the 23rd. Pallas enters Sagittarius on the 6th, driving our wisdom and creative pursuits towards more adventurous outlets. Ceres enters Capricorn the following day on Feb. 7, and Ceres in Capricorn reminds us to bring more structure and dedication into our daily health routines, rituals, and sources of nourishment. Then, Vesta goes Direct in Gemini after being in Retrograde since Nov. 2023, and Vesta in Gemini is bringing forth a thirst to learn something new. At the end of the month there is a New Moon in Aquarius, and this is one of the best New Moons of the year to set your intentions and manifest. Create a New Moon ritual that aligns with your heart, and do things your own way this week. This is a week that is reminding you that your true power and personal evolution comes from within.

Feb. 5: Mercury enters Aquarius
Feb. 6: Pallas enters Sagittarius
Feb. 7: Ceres enters Capricorn
Feb. 8: Vesta Direct in Gemini

Feb. 9: New Moon in Aquarius



Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Love is focus this week, Aries. You are being divinely guided to where your heart feels best, and you are moving into some pleasant circumstances in love. It’s time to shine, and it’s time to allow love to follow. You are feeling purposeful and aligned this week, and there is beauty to behold.

TAURUS: This week is about rising above, and gaining some clarity, Taurus. You are seeing the possibilities of your world that you may have missed before, and this is the week to put things into action. Your power of manifestation is especially strong this week, and miracles are occurring. Believe in you.

GEMINI:  Blessings are falling into your lap, and you are seeing yourself with more loving and clear eyes, Gemini. This week is a big YES and a time to proceed, move forward, and push through. Know that your light is seen for the power it is, and that insecurities and self-doubt don’t belong in your future.

CANCER: You are laying some new foundations this week, and are focused on your inner and outer security in life, Cancer. This is the week to get grounded and to get focused on what you are building in your world. Taking care of responsibilities isn’t always fun, but to do what is needed is still favored.

LEO: The pieces of the puzzle are coming together for you this week, Leo. This is a week of connection, and of bringing the focus to the growth of your relationships, and to the blessings here. There is a New Moon in your opposite sign this week, and it’s a good time to set your intentions for love.

VIRGO: New doors are opening for you this week, and the power is in your hands, Virgo. Life is presenting to you many different options, reminding you that you have the power to decide where you go. Align with your intentions, and know there is no wrong path for you. Pleasant surprises are coming in.

LIBRA: This is a powerful and moving week for you, Libra. What’s happening this week is changing things for you for the whole year, and you are gaining a new perspective. This is the week to allow things to come together for you with self-trust, knowing your prayers are being answered right now.

SCORPIO: Your heart is leading the way right now, Scorpio. A gift is coming into your life this week, and you are feeling the gratitude for all that has occurred. There is a sense of ease and replenishment that this week wants to bring into your life, and you are forgiving the past and living in the moment.

SAGITTARIUS: You are bold, you are fierce, and you are capable, Sagittarius. This is a week of happy outcomes and seeing the rewards of where you have been putting your focus and energy. You are feeling the joy of your presence and of who you are, and others are feeling that same energy about you. You are free.

CAPRICORN: You are gaining some important wisdom and insight this week, Capricorn. This week is bringing things into perspective and you are getting confirmation on some things that you have been wondering about and pondering over. Meditate, rest, and create space for new wisdom.

AQUARIUS: This is a week of love, receptivity, and acceptance, Aquarius. Blessings are coming into your life and your heart, and you are receiving the unconditional love you always give. There is a New Moon in your sign this week, and this is one of the best times of the year to set your intentions and manifest.

PISCES: This is a week of closure and letting go, Pisces. You are claiming your new beginnings, but are doing so by letting go of your grasp on where things where. Boundaries may need to be created to protect your safe space, and you are mentally healing this week. Connect to your inner world.

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