Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 15 - Jan. 21

Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 15 - Jan. 21

Energy of the Week:

This week is about compassion and community. Aquarius Season begins this week on January 20th, and the energy moves into Air Sign energy, as life flows in a direction. Transitions are happening right now as things change and an opening comes through for more connection, hope, and understanding of another. Aquarius Season this year is a game-changer, with Pluto entering Aquarius on the same day, and the attention and power turning toward the collective and humanity. Pluto in Aquarius brings a rebirth into the world, and we are going to see a shift this week as to where this change will be taking place. Overall, this week is about remaining hopeful, connecting with inspiring souls, and allowing dreams to come to fruition.

Jan. 20: Aquarius Season begins

Pluto enters Aquarius



Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Give yourself some grace right now, Aries. This week is about listening to your heart, and giving yourself time to gain some clarity. The more you can have compassion for yourself whether things are going well or things are challenging, the better you can see the truth of the present.

TAURUS: This is an action-oriented week for you, Taurus, and you are answering the call to your dreams. This week is about standing tall, going after the things you have been working towards, and honoring your gifts. You deserve to take up space, and you get to decide how you want to show up.

GEMINI: This week is an opening for you, and you are getting glimpses of what is possible for you right now, Gemini. Know that when life is requiring you to be more patient, something great is on the other side of it, and now is not the time to worry about your future. Remain hopeful, and trust.

CANCER: This week is a fresh start, Cancer. You are being given an opportunity at clarity, and through the positive outlooks you have found, you are finding certain things in your life turning around for the better. Nurture the seeds you are planting in your life right now, and take care of yourself.

LEO: This is a beautiful week of inspiration, passion, and sensuality, Leo. You are focused on what you are creating in your life right now, and are honoring your emotions in the process. What you create in this world is a piece of you, and that piece is beautiful and worthy. Remember that, Leo.

VIRGO: This week is about the courage that comes from paving a new path, Virgo. You are stepping into new territory this week as you honor where your soul is being called to. You are aligned with your higher self, and are moving through change with empowerment and dignity. Trust yourself.

LIBRA: You need time to heal, rest, and emotionally replenish what has been lost or forgotten, Libra. You are moving through the unknown with patience and pride, as you can sense the new beginnings that will come from this culmination. Know that life still grows, even when you can’t see it doing so.

SCORPIO: You deserve to feel honored, protected, and cherished, and this is the energy that is coming into your life this week, Scorpio. You have big dreams and an even bigger vision for them, and this week is about protecting that vision by devoting more of your time and energy to it. You are safe.

SAGITTARIUS: Everything you are currently looking for can be found within you, Sag. This week is about moving away from searching outside of yourself for light, and seeing yourself as the person you want to be. Everything will come to you when you need it, and you are more powerful than you know.

CAPRICORN: Life this week is reminding you to remain open, present, and receptive to what gifts can come into your life when you allow yourself to say yes, Capricorn. Envision what happy means to you and what it feels like, and start expanding your perspective on how you can surrender to that energy.

AQUARIUS: This is a week of change, growth, and release, Aquarius. You are letting go of hiding the parts of you that deserve to be seen and heard, and you are no longer holding back from the world that is yours to live and love in. Through the transformations that are happening, you are enlivened.

PISCES: Allow what is meant to be, be what it’s meant to be, Pisces. This week is about not forcing things to come to fruition when you still need time to get a clear picture of what you really want. Allow life to sweep you off your feet, for you to get inspired in the little things, and to honor divine timing.
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