Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 22 - Jan. 28

Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 22 - Jan. 28

Energy of the Week:

This week is about culmination and strength. The week begins with Venus entering Capricorn, and love taking on a more grounded, logical, and stable approach. Venus in Capricorn knows what she wants- and she knows she deserves it. Relationship matters while Venus is in this Earth Sign become more practical, abundant, and sincere. Mid-week we have our first Full Moon of 2024, the Wolf Moon in Leo on Jan. 25. This Full Moon is about letting go of telling yourself that you are not worthy of the things you want, or that you don't have a reason to be confident about the things you love. Uranus goes Direct at the end of the week after being Retrograde since Summer 2023 and this is good news for everyone. Uranus now direct brings more pleasant surprises and growth rather than upheaval and conflict. The energy is settling in this week, and we are able to grasp the things we may have missed before.

Jan. 23: Venus enters Capricorn
Jan. 25: Full Moon in Leo
Jan. 27: Uranus Direct in Taurus



Message of the Week: 

ARIES: This week is about moving away from what’s been pulling you back into a place you don’t want to be, Aries. Emotionally and mentally things have been a little heavier, and this week is asking you, what do you want to let go of before you enter new energy? You get to decide, Aries.

TAURUS: Take things slow this week, and expect to need more patience than usual, Taurus. Uranus goes Direct this week after being Retrograde in your sign since Summer 2023- yet you need time to fully grasp what has occurred. When plans change, know something better is brewing for you, Taurus.

GEMINI: This is a special week for you, Gemini. The things you have been working on are showing fruition, and there is a good balance flowing into your life. Remember to look up, wonder, and dream still, and to not get lost in the details. Life is expanding and surprising you right now, Gemini.

CANCER: Protect your peace and protect your energy, Cancer. This week is about creating a space in your life where you feel comfortable, safe, and protected, and defining boundaries from anyone who tries to take that away from you. Your perspective deserves to be heard and cherished.

LEO: This is a week of stability, confidence, and leadership, Leo. You are feeling comfortable with where you stand in life, and there is something empowering about the rebirth you have been through. The first Full Moon of 2024 is in your sign this week- own your light and let go of self-doubt.

VIRGO: A lot is happening this week, and a lot is changing- including your perspective on things, Virgo. There is a need to give yourself some space and healing, and to put your well-being first right now. Things fall apart so something better can replace it. You are on a path towards better.

LIBRA: This week is the start of something new in love, and there is hope in your heart, Libra. This is a time of putting yourself out there, taking a leap of faith, and trusting that love will lead you to where you are meant to be. Emotionally you are seeing things come to fruition, and this is exciting.

SCORPIO: Partnership, relationship growth, and love is what this week is about for you, Scorpio. You are feeling seen, understood, and connected, and there is a meeting of two worlds happening now. Know that you deserve reciprocity in love, and to spend more time in this romantic energy right now.

SAGITTARIUS: Perspective is everything, and you are owning the wisdom you have within you, Sagittarius. This is a week of spiritual growth, and being a light forward for those who need it. You are honoring what’s important to you, and are being a beacon of hope. This week is about evolving mentally, Sag.

CAPRICORN: This week there is a lot to process, and you need time to do so, Capricorn. Overthinking can get the best of you if not watched out for- and you are being guided to take things one step at a time, and one thought at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with what ifs- clear your mind.

AQUARIUS: Trust your instincts, and listen to what your intuition is telling you this week, Aquarius. If something feels off- investigate where that is coming from and what you want to do from here. Not everyone is going to have the same motives or intentions as you, and this week is eye-opening.

PISCES: This week is about picking yourself up, and about seeing things with more loving eyes, Pisces. There has been loss, there have been wins, and it’s up to you to decide what life you want to create for yourself from it all. There is something you may have been missing- look at your gifts.
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