Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 29 - Feb. 4

Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 29 - Feb. 4

Energy of the Week:

This week is about owning your power. Aquarius Season is officially underway, and although this week doesn’t have many astrological transits occurring, it is still a week capable of massive shifts. By the end of the week, once February has officially begun, we have a Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, and this is telling us to re-examine what has been occurring emotionally over the past month, in order to gain some new awareness to move us forward. There is power that comes from patience and there is magic that comes from trusting the divine timing of your life. You don’t have to be anyone other than who you are today to be worthy.

Feb. 2: Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio



Message of the Week: 

ARIES: Aries, this is a week to take a step back, and reassess where you are headed. The facades are falling, and the truth of what stands may be hard to grasp at first. Know that what is happening in your life right now is a chance to get back to your personal wellbeing, happiness, and loving support.

TAURUS: This week is another week of resting more than doing, as you need some more time to discover which path is best for you now, Taurus. Know that you are not being iced out, you are being given time to sort things out internally before making an important decision that will change a lot for you.

GEMINI: This week is all about taking the time to emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, renew, Gemini. Things may not be moving forward as quickly as you’d hoped the beginning of the year would, but below the surface, magic is brewing for you. Trust divine timing, tend to your inner world right now.

CANCER: Happiness is the journey you are embarking on this week, Cancer. Things are following through, dreams are being recognized, and manifestations are appearing. This week is showing you how good life can get, and is pointing you in the right direction towards it. Think big, dream bigger.

LEO: This week is a heart-opening one, and one where the love you have given is coming right back to you, Leo. This is a time of being in a good space emotionally, and seeing the benefits of the growth that you have been through. You are attracting to you the right relationships right now, Leo.

VIRGO: This is a week of passion, independence, and strength, Virgo. You are feeling inspired to take action and go after the things you want for yourself, and that energy is favored this week. See yourself as the regal, worthy, and beautiful soul you are, as that’s the energy you are putting out there.

LIBRA: There has been new beginnings for you in love, and this week is only bringing forth more of that positive energy into your life, Libra. This is the time to love, to be, and to enjoy every moment of your existence. Your heart is being pleasantly surprised right now, Libra, live it up.

SCORPIO: This week is about the decisions you are making or are not making right now, and diving deeper into the possibilities of it all. There are a few different paths you can take this week, but the ones that are right for you will fall into your lap more easily. Trust your intuition, and go with the flow, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: This week is a powerful and enlightening one, Sag. You are breaking free and overcoming previous restrictions, and are able to enjoy more of the gifts and opportunities that are here for you in the present. You deserve all the good that is coming your way right now, and you are shining this week.

CAPRICORN: This week is about feeling emotionally fulfilled with where things are in your life, and the efforts you have been putting into it, Capricorn. Your relationships are evolving to new heights, and you are sharing the love you have within you. This week is about a deep sense of contentment with life.

AQUARIUS: This week is about spending more time at home or in spaces where you can fully relax, feel comfortable, and open up. You are getting back to the basics, tending to your inner world, and taking care of responsibilities this week. Ground your energy and let things come full circle, Aquarius.

PISCES: This week is all about awareness, and you are gaining a new perspective on things, Pisces. Divine intervention is at play this week, as your energy is redirected to the things you may have missed before. Trust that everything will make sense when it is meant to, and to take it slow this week.

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