Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 9 - Jan. 15

Weekly Horoscopes: Jan. 9 - Jan. 15

Message of the Week: 

ARIES This is a week of rejuvenation, self-care, and claiming your peace, Aries. Your guidance for the week is to turn your attention to the body and ask yourself what you need. It is okay to just take baby steps right now and to go at your own pace. Your emotional world needs some replenishment and peace.
TAURUS:  This week is all about trusting the process, Taurus. You have been working diligently toward creating something new for yourself, and more support is coming for you this week. Continue to create the life of your dreams, and remember to enjoy the journey just as much as the goal. You are loved.
GEMINI:  Make a wish, Gemini! This week is all about believing in yourself, and being confident in your vision. Once you decide on something, all of the universe conspires to make it happen for you, and with Mars going Direct in your sign this week after being in Retrograde for months- your time is now. Keep faith.
CANCER:  This week is all about friendship, soulmates, and joyful connections, Cancer. Your guidance for the week is to take the time out for laughter, fun, and playful experiences. What you do on a daily basis creates the future you walk into, and this week is about celebrating life and those people in it with you.
LEO:  You are walking into a time of prosperity and rebirth, Leo. This week you are striking gold, and there is a sense of happiness about what's unfolding for you right now. Your ship is coming in, there is so much to be grateful for, and you are to remember that you are deserving of these blessings. Enjoy your life.
VIRGO: Love is having a say this week, Virgo. This is a week of new beginnings within partnerships, and you are feeling the support and union in your life this week. Your guidance for the week is to give and receive love and trust the beauty that is unfolding for you. Good love goes the distance, and hope is in the air.
LIBRA:  Libra, this week is all about transition, support, and following through. There is a helping hand coming in for you this week, and you are feeling the love in your life. With a Last Quarter Moon in your sign this week, you are moving through some personal transformations right now, but growing with ease.
SCORPIO:  This week is all about working together with others, and about feeling a sense of community in your life, Scorpio. You are moving into some new experiences and taking a leap of faith is proving to be successful this week. Thrive where you are, and connect with those that want to help get you there, Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS: This week is all about communication, wisdom, and divine timing, Sagittarius. You are gaining some much-needed clarity this week, and having the important conversations. Know that the seeds you have planted will continue to grow for you, and that right now is the time to believe, visualize, and prepare, Sag.
CAPRICORN: This week is the closing of one cycle, and the beginning of another. You are feeling the deep connections that are being formed in your life, and it's creating new worlds around you. A lot of what you once hoped for is blooming around you now, and your angels support you in your quest for truth, Capricorn.
AQUARIUS:  This week is all about owning the unique energy of your existence, Aquarius. So many different things have been happening in your life recently, and this week is about spending some time soaking it all in, appreciating how far you have come, and about recognizing yourself as the true gift.
PISCES:  You are creating magic in your life this week, Pisces. You are transforming the pain of the past into art, and you are doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled right now. Be careful with impulsivity this week, but overall this is your time to improvise with life, be flexible, and have fun with it, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about moving forward. Mars in Gemini goes Direct mid-week after being in Retrograde since October 30, 2022. With Mars now direct, there is less chaos, impulsivity, and abruptness in the air; and more direction, energy, and inspiration. This week is a time to overcome some hurdles and experience the success of resilience and faith. Juno moves into Aries on the 13th and while Juno is in Aries until March 11, relationships take on a more independent tone and it's all about having confidence within your positive intentions in love. Before the week comes to an end we have a Last Quarter Moon in Libra occurring, and this Moon cycle is all about transition, justice, and moving forward deeper into love.


Jan. 12: Mars Direct in Gemini

Jan. 13: Juno enters Aries

Jan. 14: Last Quarter Moon in Libra


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