Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 10 - Jul. 16

Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 10 - Jul. 16

Message of the Week: 

ARIES Give yourself some extra grace this week, Aries. You are turning a new page in areas of your life where you have been feeling stuck or stagnant, yet this can be a difficult adjustment. Find your inner clarity, put into motion what you have been pondering over, and trust your soul to guide you.
TAURUS:  Abundance is flowing in your world, Taurus. This is a successful week for you and some surprise accomplishments and wins are in store for you right now. Know that you deserve all of the positive energy that is coming into your life, and enjoy where life has taken you. There is a lot to be thankful for this week.
GEMINI: This week is activating something new within you, Gemini. You are focused on what's to come, moving forward with your renewed passions, and discovering a new adventure. You are starting from square one in many ways this week, but this is what you wanted. Your vision and focus are in-tune right now.
CANCER:  Emotional fulfillment is what this week is bringing into your world, Cancer. You are getting the big picture right now, and are loving what you see. With the gifts that are presenting themselves this week, your inner child is healing, and this is a week of focusing on the beautiful life that is unfolding for you.
LEO: Make a wish, Leo. You are walking into some new opportunities this week, and miracles are happening. A positive turn of events has made your confidence grow stronger, and life is dazzling back at you right now. As manifestations appear, know that you created this good.
VIRGO:  There is love in your world, Virgo. This week is about bringing in support, love, and protection in your life, and feeling this way in your relationships. Emotional growth has been taking place, and you are in a good space to receive love. You are manifesting from the heart, and experiencing a renewal.
LIBRA:  Trust the divine timing of your life this week, Libra. What isn't working and who it isn't working with, is a sign that something better is meant for you. Don't get disheartened by others' idea of you if it doesn't align with your intentions or how you see yourself. You deserve to be heard, what is your message?
SCORPIO:  Your heart is free, Scorpio. Emotions are high, and you are feeling excitement and contentment with the energy in your life. This week is reminding you that you are worthy of good love, and this magic is unfolding for you right now. Focus on your joy, and allow more of it to come your way this week.
SAGITTARIUS:  Your intuition is strong, trust it right now, Sagittarius. This week is a time of examining some of the challenges that have been presenting themselves, and discovering the truth of the situation. If someone is telling you something but your heart is telling you something else, trust that inkling, and learn more.
CAPRICORN: Use your time wisely this week, Capricorn, and trust that if plans change, they were meant too. This week is a reminder to be patient with yourself and others, and to focus on the things you can do right now, rather than what you feel you can't. You are regaining your strength and planning your next moves.
AQUARIUS: More rest is needed right now, Aquarius. Rest and rejuvenation this week will allow you to clear your mind to the things that have been confusing you or weighing you down. This week is allowing you some time to think things through, and make some important decision you have been pondering over.
PISCES: You are worthy of abundance, Pisces. This week is about honoring your responsibilities, taking care of business, and putting the action behind your intentions. This is a financially-focused week for you as you develop what you have been working on here. Success is yours right now, Pisces, own it.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about honoring your time and energy. The energy moves into Virgo as Pallas and Mars both move into this Earth Sign as the week begins, and this is grounding and empowering. Pallas in Virgo brings in thoughtful, wise, and practical energy into the collective, and while it is in Virgo until September 13, it will be strengthening the intellect. Mars also moves into Virgo on the same day, July 10th, and Mars in Virgo likes to clean house. Mars in Virgo tends to do things in overdrive, which will benefit your working life, health, and daily routines, but can also cause some perfectionist tendencies and being especially critical on yourself or others. Mars will be in Virgo until August 27th, and overall during this time will be clearing space and making improvements. With Mercury also moving into Leo this week, the mind is especially active right now, and what you are focusing on matters. Don't let emotions create scenarios that hinder rather than heal, and bring your attention to the good that is here, and the good that can be created in your life.


Jul. 10: Pallas enters Virgo

Mars enters Virgo

Jul. 11: Mercury enters Leo

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