Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 11 - Jul. 17

Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 11 - Jul. 17

Message of the Week: 

ARIES:  Aries, what you say holds importance. Don't be afraid to take up space this week and to align with your vision. You have important messages to get across this week, and there are gems for you to discover in your world. Remember that one good thought can lead to one good experience, and to another.
TAURUS: Your creative vision is strong this week, Taurus. This week is all about the seeding of something new, and growth spurts that are occurring for you now. Remember that your inspirations come to you for a reason, and to not doubt a spark when you feel it. You are awakening to new beauty and circumstances.
GEMINI:  This week is all about the rainbow after a storm, Gemini. A situation you once saw as challenging and confusing has been turning around for you, and you are seeing more clearly right now. Everything is coming together for you, and things are falling into place. Live in your light, and leave the past behind.
CANCER:  This week is all about feeling your way through life, Cancer. The good vibes are flowing, and you are the facilitator of this peace, love, and passion in your life right now. You are arising with a sense of confidence and wisdom, and flowing into your intentions and desires. Live your life with freedom, and be.
LEO: This week is all about recognizing the progress you have made and have been making in your life, Leo. Who you are today, what you have now, and what brings your heart joy, is worthy and deserving. Claim your power by claiming your joy, and focus on what is making you happy and fulfilled this week, Leo.
VIRGO:  It's time to come out of the cave, and get your ideas moving, Virgo. You have been protecting your energy and gaining your strength, and this has served your soul well. This week is all about taking one step forward each day, and encouraging yourself and your heart along the way. You are safe, Virgo.
LIBRA:  This week is all about flow rather than force, Libra. Letting go of outcomes is key at this time, as you allow the best possible path to unfold for you right now. Sometimes you have to lose your ground, to regain your balance, and you are walking into new territory this week. Pay attention to the signs, Libra.
SCORPIO:  There are pleasant gifts in store for you this week, Scorpio. You are diving into the beauty of what has been unfolding for you in life, and this week is all about appreciating the moment. Your commitment to something greater has lead to perspectives of growth and magic, and you are aligned with your dreams.
SAGITTARIUS: You are supported, you are protected, you are divine, Sagittarius. This week is a time of recognizing the beauty of your existence, and finding your purpose. There has been a sense of feeling some isolation in your life, and this week is a time to reach out, connect, and gain new wisdom, Sagittarius.
CAPRICORN:  This week is all about supporting yourself and your growth, Capricorn. Remember your ground and meditate on connecting within, and with nature. This is a good week to unwind, reflect, and focus on what you are grateful for. The Supermoon this week is in your sign, and you are letting go.
AQUARIUS:  Your guidance for the week is to find your joy in the little things, Aquarius. Depending on your perspective, you can turn any situation around, and this week is calling for that active choice of happiness. Sometimes you have to toot your own horn and be your biggest cheerleader- don't count yourself out this week.
PISCES:  Clarity is unfolding for you, Pisces. Situations that were leaving you feeling tangled in doubt, are unfolding now, and you are able to see the gifts of their presence. Everything happens for a reason, and you are seeing your life with clarity at this time. This week is about trusting yourself and your intuition, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about allowing, letting go, and trusting what is unfolding. Sometimes in order to be close to your dreams, you have to let them go. This week is about maintaining that balance of taking action on your intentions, and relaxing into the knowing that flow leads you closer to your desires than force. The Supermoon in Earth Sign Capricorn mid-week is a reminder to release and ground yourself in the moment, and it's easier to get clear on where you are and where you are headed during this time. Venus moves into Cancer a few days later, and love is about crossing that bridge to greater connection, clarity, and trust. This week is a week of renewal, strength, and trust.

July 13: Capricorn Supermoon

July 17: Venus enters Cancer


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