Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 25 - Jul. 31

Weekly Horoscopes: Jul. 25 - Jul. 31

Message of the Week: 

ARIES: This week is a time of connecting the dots, Aries. You are making important revelations this week and seeing the bigger picture right now. With beloved Jupiter going Retrograde in your sign this week, it's okay if you need more time right now to process, just know you are supported and protected through it.

TAURUS: This is a week to focus on getting grounded, connecting to nature, and taking a breath of fresh air, Taurus. This week there is a focus on regrouping and finding your way. The New Moon this week provides a path of clarity, but you must be willing to accept and see what's been first. Trust the timing of your life.
GEMINI: Success and good fortune are flowing through your world this week, Gemini. Chapters are closing as new ones begin, and there is a sense of relief and fulfillment that this week is for you. Write lists of gratitude, take note of your accomplishments, set new intentions, and live your freedom. You deserve happiness.
CANCER: This is a week of transformation for you, Cancer. You are changing gears a bit this week and are finding yourself in new circumstances, which means new opportunities. Focus on your intentions and what you are seeing through at this time, and ask yourself, "what I would do if I knew I was supported?"
LEO: This week is about being the leader of your life, Leo. Your dreams and intentions are coming to fruition, and with a New Moon in your sign this week, you are being gifted something special right now. The joy you seek and the joy you are, are one of the same; connect with the love and magic within you, Leo.
VIRGO: Life is moving in new directions this week, Virgo. This week is about being flexible, remaining open to change, and for appreciating the bigger picture. There are new paths opening for you right now that bring a lot of joy and magic, and it's your perspective that will lead you closer or further away from here.
LIBRA: This week is about clearing obstacles and seeing more ease and opportunity on your path, Libra. There is vigor with you right now and you are moving with passion and intent. One opportunity can lead to many others, and the more you remain open to the infinite possibilities ahead, the more that can come.
SCORPIO: Change is evident for you this week, Scorpio. This week is bringing in deep clarity, that's changing a lot for you moving forward. You are ready for a transformation right now and you are preparing for the best. Tap into your inner power and strength, and define the path you want to lead right now.
SAGITTARIUS: This is an inspiring week for you and you are the one shining the light of passion in your life, Sagittarius. You intentions and creations are coming to the forefront right now, and you are shining for all to see. This is a beautiful week of accomplishment, living your truth, and moving forward, Sag.
CAPRICORN: This week is all about taking time for your healing and about filling up your own cup, Capricorn. You need time to process, ponder, and think about your vision, your intentions, and the seeds you are looking to plant in your life right now. You are in the process of preparing for the new, and releasing the past.
AQUARIUS: The pieces of the puzzle are coming together for you right now, Aquarius. This week is a time of creation, clarity, and getting out of your own way. You get to define the life you choose to live, and you are moving away from anything restrictive, and recreating new worlds right now. Believe in yourself, beautiful.
PISCES: It's all about going with the flow right now, Pisces. This week is a time of healing, communication, and clarity. You are coming to some light bulb moments this week that turn past confusions and obstacles, into gifts of the present moment. You are ready for a change of scenery and something new, Pisces.

Energy of the Week:

This week is about getting clear on what you want and where you are headed right now. This is a week of revelation, inspiration, and redirection. With two Retrogrades occurring this week and a New Moon in Leo, plans may change, but the vision will still be in tact. The focus is on remaining hopeful regardless of what is happening around you, and finding the joy in your life. With a New Moon in Leo this week, life favors the bold and the more confidence and self-belief you put with your intentions, the more power behind your manifestations. Live your truth with courage, and recognize what is fueling you with passion right now. Jupiter goes Retrograde this week, and during this transit you are being asked to align with your higher self, and see where life takes you.


July 25: Juno Retrograde in Pisces

July 28: New Moon in Leo

July 28: Jupiter Retrograde in Aries


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